Feature: MischMash Stylish Mama for July

I think it was a few months ago when Mikka first asked if she could feature me as the "Stylish Mama of the Month" for her blog A Mischmashed Life. Due mostly in part to gruelling mom schedules, we were only able to shoot the feature a week ago.

If you'd like to know more about me and and see a little bit of my home and family, you can check out the feature here: Stylish Mama for July.

I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to Anthony Co for the wonderful photos. It's amazing what photography skills can do for a place! And of course, Thanks Mikka for featuring me. I had so much fun during the shoot :)


Mary Ann said…
congrats! ^^ you look so "blooming" on the photo, ^^
Myrted said…
I have already read the article! They're true, you have an amazing style. I hope that when I become a mom someday, I'd be like you. Still chic and rocking sexy talaga! :)
thanks guys, anthony co just does amazing photography work ;)
Mxx said…
Great feature. It is so coveteur-ish!!!
Tiffiefum said…
Congrats Sarah!:)

I gave you six awards, hope you like.<3

Anonymous said…
Article is fantastic and great photos too, love the one with your daughter. You both look so lovely, congratulations again.
Anonymous said…
Lucky!:D That's sooo cooool! :D I'm definitely checking it out right now.

Btw if you can, follow me on twitter! (VivaLaBreee)

xoxo, Bree

mestizay said…
Congrats stylish Momma!:)
Aya said…
Yey congrats! You look cute and blooming in the first pic!
Melai said…
You deserve it! When I saw you in real life, I'm like OMG she's sooo gorgeous! Didn't look like a mama at all :)

Melai of Style and Soul
checked it out and wow! love your house and yes, you are totally one stylish momma!!
The Cat Hag said…
You are definitely a super stylish mama, gonna pop over to read the feature now. :)

The Cat Hag
Aya said…
Congrats on stylish mama! I can totally see it :) xoxo!
Sam said…
WOWOWOWWWW! Congrats!! :) Well deserved! You are definitely a stylish mom!

Caro P. said…
Hi Sarah! i read the complete article, u looked gorgeous in all the photos!
Congratulations Stylish Mama!

Big kiss
Anonymous said…

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Love your post.)

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Khlaren said…
I just read the feature!! Your home is really beautiful! :-) Congrats!! I wanna know how to sew too!!</3 :)))
Unknown said…
congrats on the feature! you have an amazing place, a lovely style, and your daughter is so cute!!!
thanks for stopping by my blog and leave a comment.. the skirt is actually my husband's shirt but I used it as a skirt :)
Congrats on the feature.
Well deserved.
Issa said…
i have read the feature and i love the photos! very nice post because I was able to know you more....congrats sarah! :)
ENNAID said…
Saw the feature! I love love. It doesnt look like your a mamma at all. You're so pretty and at the same time fashionable! Keep on blogging.

Hope you can drop by my blog.
congratulations girl!

oh and oh my gosh... i was wondering where the music started playing from my readers! and usually i turn off the music, but i miss amy winehouse's music :[ too bad she had to go.

-robots in trouble
Aileen Kim said…
went and read your feature and it was absolutely amazing. Love the photos and those vintage pieces around the house. Nice to know more bits and pieces about you. I think you're just as awesome. Have a great week!
Hazel said…
wow congrats on the feature :) will read on that now!
Hollie said…
reading on that now!
congrats hot mama! :) you look so fresh and lovely on your photos.
che said…
yes, the photos are great =)