The Launch of PGA Fort and The Audi A6

On a rainy Thursday afternoon last July 28, 2011, we headed to Bonifacio Global City to witness the launch of PGA Cars latest branch and the unveiling of the new Audi A6.
The production team behind this event did a great job in capturing the essence that Audi and PGA Cars is all about which is luxury and class at its highest levels.

The entrance to the new PGA Cars was reminiscent of posh hotels in New York with the whole tent and red carpet shebang complete with an umbrella man who stayed put in his position the entire night.

There was even an orchestra present not just for mood music, but to actually play the score of Audi's latest commercial live.

The host for the evening was no one less than ANC's Executive Class himself, Mr. David Celdran:

The chairman and CEO of PGA Cars and Audi, Mr. Robert Coyiuto announcing their 10 million peso donation to Don Bosco Technical College for their scholars.
A few other speakers from Audi, flown in specially for this event. They provided a brief introduction of the company and the A6.
Free-flowing wine, champagne, beer and an endless array of hors d'oeuvres catered by Cibo. Margarita Fores was also among the elite present.
Beautiful orchid centerpieces from the Mandarin Hotel were scattered all over the place. Each stalk costing P1500! That's just a stalk, not for the entire piece, mind you.

The A6 waiting to be unveiled....
And finally, like a much awaited superstar, the A6 was unveiled and the doors were opened for the public to appreciate the beauty of the A6. This room smelled like a very expensive handbag.

Driveable couture: swatches to choose from for your fully personalized interior:

I won't go into the specifics since this is not an auto blog and we already know that Audi's are beautiful, fast and awesome.

Bottomline, if you can afford it, go get an A6.

what I wore:
Pink Manila blouse
DIY Leopard Maxi (buy yours today, visit my fanpage on FB)
clutch c/0 Manels

Yezzir, me and David Celdran whom I got to chat with for quite a length of time. He's a really nice and interesting person.

Good luck to all!!

Comments said…
You look so cute and I really like the maxi skirt. This event looks like so much fun.

Nice post

mitch said…
You look really gorgeous and elegant. Loving the maxi skirt, clutch bag of course David Celdran. Such a cutie, he reminds me of Battle of the Brains era. :)
Issa said…
wow! nice event! you look good Sarah! :)
You look great! Im sure it was rainny, but funny!

Buky said…
You looked so amazing!
Its really hot here so i can't do a lot of layering.
Christine B said…
looks like a great event! I love your outfit :)

thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :)
Great outfit!

Chris said…
That Audi is really hot!!! The interior rocks!!! It's every ordinary boys' dream I guess.

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