Never Miss Out On Another Bargain

Have you all noticed the sudden explosion in group buying sites this year? Among the popular ones are Groupon, Beeconomic and Cash Cash Pinoy. But have you heard about Buyanihan, Cheapipay and Deals Tent, to mention a few?

With new group buying sites popping up everyday, it is simply impossible to keep up. Thanks to the emergence of, you will never miss out on another bargain again.
How is different from all the other group buying sites?

Well you can sort of say that is an online directory of all the group buying sites available in the Philippines. The people behind painstakingly collect all the bargains available from these sites on a daily basis and put them together in a simple interface so we no longer have to remember a multitude of sites. Just one...

now isn't that a breathe of fresh air?

Sign up now and never miss out on another deal! Visit: today!

Dealies is under Global Leads Group, a Berlin, Germany based start-up involved in several e-commerce sites around the world.


Melai said…
super dami nila sarah! there's even dealdozen, metro deal and deal grocer. waaah!

Melai of Style and Soul
lol, kaya nga e, so hard to remember at least with dealis you just have to remember one site :)
Buky said…
Okay, how do you buy these amazing shoes!
You make me want all the money in the world. Haha