A Taste Of Melrose Ave. Down South: Funky Plum Vintage

Last Saturday, I managed to steer-away from my San Juan-Ortigas force field to head down south for a taste of the Melrose District, tucked neatly away in a little nook at the Pergola Mall in BF Homes, Paranaque.

I'm talking about the specialty store called "Funky Plum Vintage". What sets Funky Plum apart from their contemporaries is their personalized boutique style service and their unique pieces. In this day and age of consumerism, numerous entrepreneurs have opened up shop to take advantage of the clamoring fashionistas eager to purchase the latest fashions. Sadly, most of these shops have nondescript interiors and selections. Many carry mass produced pieces from sweatshops or factories and you're more or less bound to bump into someone sporting the same outfit or fabric in public places. A definite no-no for the discerning.

At Funky Plum Vintage, owner, sweetheart and fellow fashionista, Sheila Amora, handpicks each and every piece that finds a place on its shelves and hangers. Funky Plum carries a multitude of hot designer vintage, non-vintage and vintage-reworked pieces with labels like Balmain, Halston, Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs, Chloe and DVF to name a few. You'd think with labels like those the prices would be skyrocketing to the roof but they don't. The clothes, shoes and accessories at Funky Plum are priced reasonably. You'd hardly find anything over P1199, with most priced at an average of P600.

I tried documenting my trip so you all can have a virtual tour of the store as well as a sneek-peak of my favorite items:

with Funky Plum's owner, Sheila Amora, who welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like a celebrity even just for a day.

beautiful pieces of jewelry in copper and brass hardware mixed with semi-precious stones, specially made for the store by an artisan...

love these unique wooden bangles, their square shape make them truly avant garde and chic!
Did I mention that they also have the cutest customers? This little girl came in for her fitting during the shoot! She was totally adorable in her Tinkerbell inspired outfit.

Funky Plum also provides specialized couture and makover services. They can create and design an outfit for you from casual to formal wear like prom gowns, wedding gowns and basically anything else under the sun. Get free style advice from the owners and a much needed helping hand during times of stressful shopping for events.

Into the wild...

a plethora of animal print shoes all reasonably priced at around P1200

a woman's version of candy corner

fell in love with these oversized rhinestone sunglasses...

Balenciaga bags

channel in the 70's with these unique pieces...

I wish I remembered to take home this slinky number with me...I might return for this one if it's still there.

super cute hot pink BCBG Max Azria Pants for P999!

wide-legged, white Zara trousers for only P999! I wanted these but they were big for me:

Yup, you read right. Where else can you find Balmain for P1199???

cute platforms:

a plethora of stand-out denim:

really cute embelished boho denim jacket:

candy-stitched hot pants:

this beaded number is such a beauty:

beaded apron top reminiscent of Penny Lane's style:

love the hem detail on this striped dress that's perfect for everyday wear:

innerwear is the new outerwear! love these lingerie inspired pieces:

H&M snakeskin heels for only P1199!!!

There were so many lovely pieces that I had such a difficult time making up my mind on the ones I wanted to take home with me. It was so hard leaving some behind. Look at my clothes rack in the dressing room:

Yes, I tried every single one of those and more! :P

Here are a few shots I took of myself trying on their stuff:

Also fell in love with this lace dress which I think will go nicely with some classical platinum engagement rings that I've been lusting after lately.

My final picks:

Notice my smile? I'm beaming with glee from end to end in my Funky Plum Vintage shirt!

A certified funky plum-aholic Ms. Eggplant with Ms. Sheila!

eco-friendly packaging
They couldn't fit all my stuff into one bag :P

"At the end of the day, our greatest fulfillment is to see that genuine smile on every woman that leaves the store feeling beautiful, wrapped in all that Funky Plum Vintage vibe." - Sheila Amora

They couldn't have said it any better. I now have a good reason to head down south at least once a month to get funkified!

Now, you have a reason too! All my readers will receive a P100 voucher for FREE that you can use on any of the products available in Funky Plum Vintage on the day itself or whenever you wish to use it. You can also give it as a gift if you prefer. All you have to do is mention "Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles" and you can have P100 shaved off your bill instantly! Neato right? :)

Head down south today and get yourself some of that Funky Plum Vintage vibe!

You can visit Funky Plum Vintage at:

2ndLevel of The Pergola Mall
BF Homes, Paranaque City Phil.

Call us:
Landline (02) 781-3392
Mobile 0920 923 21 87


Facebook: seamoracorp
Fanpage : funky plum

Twitter: fpvintagestore


Mary Ann said…
woow!!!! I wanna go! ^^ do u think they ship orders? ^^
Unknown said…
yea, do they ship? Hee. They should have an OL shop. Paranaque is too far. Huhuh
Myrted said…
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Myrted said…
That's so neat!!! :) Yeah I agree with Ninan Lacson, they should open an online shop. Pque is way too far for me as well. :( Sayang ang gaganda pa naman...
guys, it's definitely worth the trip, trust me, give it a try kahit once a month :) if you really can't, contact Sheila through the numbers I provided. She's very accomodating, she might fulfill your requests :)
Myrted said…
Ok Ms. Sarah, will try to squeeze it in. The items looks so promising and very stylish tlga. I might pop in there sometime... :)
don't forget to mention my blog name so you get a discount! :)
krissy ♥ said…
Cooool! I love your picks, Sarah! Hay it's one of my secret dreams to have a shop like that. That or a cozy cafe/ bookstore :)
Tiffiefum said…
Wow, their items look soo interesting! Will hopefully give them a visit soon.:)
Hollie said…
funky choices nga talaga!
Fun post! I love vintage shopping!
sugar sugar said…
Thank you for sharing dear! Paranaque is kind of far though... :/ But everything looks great and I'm sure there will be lots of great finds at this place. :D
Unknown said…
love your shopping outfit!!! the store looks like somewhere i would love to go shopping :D
Aya said…
Everything looks fabulous! It looks like you had so much fun! :) xox
Flo said…
i wanna go too! and that little girl's adorable.

thanks for your comment, sorry for the late reply!!

pop me a visit if you have time :3
Sarah M. said…
WOW looks fantastic! I wish I could find a store with couture pieces with such a cute boutique vibe! Everything looks amazing, and I really want that yellow Balenciaga bag! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm following you now, want to follow me back? :)

xx from Montreal,

Pink MagaLine said…
I would love to check that place. If only I still live in Paranaque.
Buky said…
OMG!!!Who is that adorable little girl?
SHes so so cute!
I wish i lived in your country ;P
Aki No Yuutsu said…
seems like you had a good time!!! love the little fairy's outfit!
Chyrel Gomez said…
Awww! She does look so cute in her tinkerbell outfit and I dig your buys! This looks like a nice place to shop. I haven't had a list on where to buy when Liz and me will be in Manila but for sure we're dropping by F21 and Zara since we don't have 'em here.
Meream said…
*gasp!* So cheap! And fantastic selection! I will try to drop by when we visit Manila this Sept :)
Anonymous said…
weird, ive never seen that store and i was in pergola almost everyday last week!
ghoent said…
great picks! and the store's interiors do look lovely. and the items too, of course! =)
Yuna said…
wow those are some crazyy deals :) haha i love vintage clothes :DD
Hayley said…
ahhhhhhmazing pieces! I am so so jealous. loving this store!! awesome blog x

@trisha: go up the stairs by zagu, it will lead you straight to funky plum :)
Jadore-Fashion said…
I want to go--sounds like a great experience! Love the pieces!

ProprPostur said…
sigh! if only i was a girl. LOL
great post
jellybelly said…
The little girl is adorable! Sayang I live far from Paranaque. I'd love to just make uzi the stuff they have there.

The Twerp and I
this is just shopping heaven, sarah!:)