What I Wore Today: Almost Famous

It's my little brother's birthday today but he celebrated it last night at our mom's place. It ended quite early so afterwards, there was still a little more time to meet up with some friends, talk a little business then have drinks afterwards.

I went home, got changed and headed out again. This is what I wore:

First stop was Banchetto. It was my first time to ever check it out, nothing really special about the food being served, nothing unusual, just everyday fare but they had some good selections which consisted of roast beef, kebabs, Krispy Kreme burgers and the like.
Dennis had some business to talk over with his friend so I just checked out the food. Too stuffed from my bro's celeb so I just took photos...
I wanna go back and try these kebabs.
I love anything spuds so even if I was quite full, I couldn't resist these cheesy potatoes...
which ended up to be too greasy, salty and artificial (the cheese sauce) for my taste...

Next stop, Craft at the Fort:
Again, I want to return and sample their food. It looked REALLY good judging from the photos in their menu.
There was a band playing covers of The Killers and that type of music, next door had Razorback which I would have much rather seen but their last set was almost over by the time we got there.

You can tell their menu was specifically designed for the men in our lives. Take your husband, boyfriend, father, brother. They will surely love the Crafts' ample selection of stuffed burgers, regular angus burgers, steaks, and everything else greasy served with a bottle of Stella Artois! mmmmm!
This is Pat and Fred (my drinking partner since college) who always has a habit of making funny faces in front of the camera...I never get a decent shot of him :S

How was your Saturday? :)

ps. I just recently switched cell phones and numbers so if anyone out there reading this made an order from me for my closet sale or MTO's, kindly email me with your orders, payment method, date of payment, full name, shipping adress and contact number. Really sorry for the hassle but this whole switch has gotten me confused. Working on an online order form right now to make things simpler for everyone. Hope you understand. Thank You! :)


D said…
You look great!!! :) I finally bought the accessorize bag but it's now half the price off. Hihi. I got lucky! :)
lovely outfit !

and yummi ...yummi!


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Kaisensei said…
wow you look awesome! plus the banchetto looks like a place I MUST GO! lol.
sugar sugar said…
haven't tried going to banchetto yet. you look awesome! i like outfits like this since i think they're comfy. ^o^
The flared jeans are divine! <3 I love your outfit!

Lost in the Haze
oomph. said…
my brother in law is the same as your friend...ALWAYS makes a weird face in photos. cute denims.

Sweta said…
pretty!love the jacket and the purse!
And there's my bestfriend's boyfriend who just HAS to make weird faces in photos..like Chandler haha
Michelle said…
The cheesy potatoes sound amazing!!!
Toni Rose said…
omg i want those kebabssss :(
Roxanne said…
haven`t tried going to banchetto.. nice vest ;)

Janelle said…
your outfit is straight out from the 70s hippie chic, bring it back! :)
Cherie said…
the food shots look delicious! yum!

xo, cherie
Parade of Dresses
Aya said…
I wanna try the kebab! Haha
.Candy. said…
super loving the 70's vibe on you! You look gorgeous! I must say, the bar really got me interested...not just for the food, but for the alternative sounds they play.Been looking for a bar like that in Fort...now there's one! And Razorback next door? How cool is that?! Will definitely pop on over soon! ;)

Andrea said…
love your look!
Flares! Yes. :) Glad to see them making the rounds a little this summer.

Looks like a good time.
Anonymous said…
This post is delish! from the FOOD to the inspired STYLES! love
Shasie said…
I really love the long lace vest!

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Sam said…
aw! i seriously want to try banchetto! but no one ever wants to go with me! i love your jeans! they look really good on you!

lori said…
love your outfit!

never been to banchetto too. hihi
Mxx said…
I love your jeans!
Janelle Moran said…
flared jeans arent uso but u make me want to own the again. they super duper look good on u. :D
Unknown said…
homaygad, the food looks SO FANTASTIC. its making me want to ditch my diet. crap! hahaha. but i can't, if i want to look great in flared jeans like you:))

Mrs. No-No said…
You are so cute! I love your shoes!! :) Looks like you had a great Saturday!
Thanks for visiting "Mrs. No-No Knows"! I am now following you back! :) Hope you will stop back often and put in your two cents.
Carla aka Mrs. No-No
Mrs. No-No Knows