What I Wore Today: Better Than Cash

I am not good with time, bookkeeping, budgeting and math. Two days ago, something short of a nightmare (okay, I'm exaggerating a tiny bit) happened to me. Prior to this day, my credit card bill arrived with quite a hefty amount attached to it, I wasn't bothered by it because according to my memory, I already paid the last bill in full and I didn't remember using the card much after that. So I thought the last payment just didn't register yet and all I had to do was present the receipt to the bank, subtract it from my current balance and just pay the little extra left. Why I trusted my memory? I don't know either...

Track back to two days ago: After lunch, I finally decided to get my bills in order,so out came the credit card bill, wallet and old receipts. But wait, the last receipt of my credit card payment was missing! I frantically searched the entire house, kitchen, sunroom, bedroom, all my bags, drawers, envelopes, etc, NOTHING! I couldn't find my last billing statement either. I started sweating, pulled out my credit card and called customer service asking what to do. You know how customer service goes right? They're the last refuge of the desperate. Nothing really get s done there. They couldn't help me without the receipt, I had to go to the bank where I made my last payment. I was almost in tears and dizzy with panic so I searched the house high and low to no avail yet again.

Dressed up, took Nikola to school and headed straight to the bank. Asked the manager to look up all the payments for the period of so and so manually. NOTHING! Of course the predictable dialogue soon followed which included, "How is this possible?" "What should I do?", etc etc. Maybe I made the payment in their other branch located a street away....

While driving towards their other branch, I started searching the car...guess what I found? My previous billing statement.

And guess what I found in THAT statement? No, not the receipt but evidence of the full payment I made...which was dated sometime 2 months ago :S

What bothered me the most wasn't my current bill but the fact that I thought that I threw away an "X" amount of money. Lesson learned. I'm now shopping for a proper filing cabinet in wood!

I retreated home with my tail between my legs...wearing this: :P

kids of bayo neon lapel blazer, pink manila crop top, acid wash pink shorts from greenhills, JC lita's
After that very stressful event, I got a call from our lobby guard, Unilab was downstairs with a delivery for me! :D Instant forget, instant happy! I have a love/hate relationship with my (almost non-existent) memory bank. I was SOOO overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they sent me! I'm never gonna have to go grocery shopping again for health and beauty products for the rest of the year!And the icing on top of the cake??? What could be better than cash you say? Why, SM GC's of course! I thought they were sending me Forever21 GC's but I was pleasantly surprised when I found SM GC's instead. Hello, Fashion Forum??? Another pair of JC's perhaps? :P
See, as they say, "Bilog ang Mundo"/"Life Is A Rollercoaster Ride", in this case, it happened all in one day! I wouldn't say I recommended it but it's better than going downhill all the way!


Aya said…
I panicked a little while reading! Haha but it's so nice your day ended in a very good way! :D
missy s said…
that happens! bilog ang mundo as they say! but the payback happened so quickly too! in just a day! GC's ohmy! i havent received gcs :/ I wonder how it feels tho haha
Ann said…
wow.talking abt credit card nightmare. I had one just days ago too. I'm subscribed to mobile updates for my CC bills and they sent me the wrong figures. Imagine reading this early in the morning:Stmt Bal Php 409,767.93 YES, 400K. As in. Immediately called Cust service. They straightened it out and apologized for ANY inconvenience it might have caused. YEAH, HEART ATTACK! ^^
Shasie said…
Wow, girl stressed! I'm like swimming in file folders right now. Filing gets annoying, but at least I know where everything is :-). Loving the blazer with the yellow lapels! Chic

Live Life in Style
I love settling my bills through internet banking. This is common in HK. There is always a trail and one need not accummulate any paper.
PS I love your shorts!
Mikimoto Angel said…
You've rocked your outfit big time. I love the colors that you've put together. :-)
Daphne said…
I hate it when that happens. Thinking I already payed or done something but in reality I didn't. Oh well atleast you've settled everything na and you look good pa rin. And wow! I wish someone would give me goodies too! hahaha :)

Btw, I have the same KOB blazer. hehehe. Got it on sale! :)
It happens to the best of us! At least your story ended happily, especially with those gift vouchers! Love your blazer btw :)


Sabrina T. said…
ohh i love this blazer with fluo details lady!!!stunning:)
nice blog you have!
Would u come, see mine and follow if u like it??i'd be very happy if u do so..i wait u!
kiss from milan!

Patchwork à Porter
ghoent said…
rollercoaster of emotions for me too, as a reader! i was worried, then relieved, then shocked, then happy! hahaha! =P

better get that filing cabinet soon! =)
Issa said…
oh, i am like that most of the time! i am so forgetful!.... anyway, nakakainggit naman yung gift pack from Unilab! wow, ang dami!!!! congrats! :)
Natali said…
Love love the shoes
Krissy ♥ said…
Ohmygosh the same thing happened to m friend as well, I was with her when she "made" the payment at the Express machines at the branch so I said I was a "witness" that she really paid, and then after requesting for an investigation, panicking, and looking all over the house for the receipt, she found out she wasn't able to put the cash inside the envelope! Haha that was quite a story, Sarah! Looove the ending! <3
Janelle said…
gosh i hate that feeling of panic when i lose something important. but i'm glad you found what you were looking for...

also, what a nice compensation for your stress! haha
Buti naman kahit papaano may nangyaring maganda! It just proves na may mangyayaring maganda kapag may nangyayaring pangit, kaya cool ka lang! :D
cuteredbow said…
Love your shorts and shoes !

Oh my Dior! said…
I love your striped shirt! :)

Oooh I love Kids of Bayo! Really cute blazer! :)
sugar sugar said…
c'est la vie! :) i'm just happy that you felt happy at the end ahaha! =D
Are those JC's I spy? I'm so jealous! Everyone seems to be rockin' those amazing heels but I find them too expensive! You look great though!

belle said…
I felt your panic. hahahaha...and i love your outfit here. so cute!!! if only i can fit into those kids of bayo clothes....new JC? are you getting any? I want the skate pero so expensive. what's your plan fellow JC addict?
thechyrelgomez said…
Waaaah! I have an almost similar experience with the plastic that's why i no longer have one. I get too trigger happy when i go to the mall or shop online.

As to the outfit, love the blazer and shorts plus the LITA's! :)
thechyrelgomez said…
and hurray for the gc's! :)
Emma said…
I have been wanting a pair of hasbeens for so long!!


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