What I Wore Today: The Bloggerhood Of The Travelling Scarf

The Bloggerhood Of The Travelling Scarf is the brainchild of Sweet, Madison, and Yvonne. Their vision is for this scarf to travel around the world and be styled by different bloggers from North to South, East to West. If you want to join in on this fun journey, just click their names above for the links to their sites and more info on the Travelling Scarf.
And here is how I styled the scarf:

with my new clutch c/o Manels (thanks!!! <3)

The scarf's next stop is Washington, USA!
Hope you all like how I styled it :)


Gellie Abogado said…
You look so pretty with that scarf. I don't any scarf but I sure do wanna try. :D

much love,
I wonder when will that scarf lands in my hands haha :p nice styling!
kpmb said…
Hi Sarah! love your blog and outfit posts. You always seem so happy and so put together.

May I ask what brand your wide-legged pants are and where you got them? I have been looking for a similar pair of pants for a long time now.

many thanks!
hi kpmb! i got my pants in topshop :)
Unknown said…
That's sooooooooooo cute! I love the way you styled it! :)
Mariel said…
I love scarves and I love the way you styled the travelling scarf!!!
join the bloggerhood! :)
Love it, makes me realize I need to use more scarves in my outfits :)
mlw said…
that is an awesome idea! love the scarf, love the way you put it together!
I love how you styled the scarf! Ang saya naman ng idea ng travelling scarf, mabuti pa sya madami ng napuntahan! Hahaha!


Aya said…
Good job on styling it!!! I really like the whole idea of this travelling scarf :D
kpmb said…
Oh, goodie. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely need to go to Topshop very soon.

Fashnlvr said…
I love that you wore it on your head! That's awesome! Your new clutch looks so soft and supple - good choice! Your belt jumped right out of the picture to grab my eye! Love that bright pop of color!
Remember to add your link to the scarf page!
00000 said…
I love how you styled the scarf! Naka-kuha ako ng pointers sayo heehee! :D
Bravoe Runway said…
Colours on the scarf are really pretty! Thanks for stopping by!

How fun! I love both ways you styled the scarf!
Sweet said…
OMY!!!! I was reading this one at the office but I cannot comment so here I am coming back for my comment...I miss your blog post..I know I have been such a bad and lazy blogger since I am so messed up and I have loads of work to finish...but good thing you had a great time with the scarf my dear...

I love how you styled it especially when you tried using the scarf as a head piece or a turban...I love your new clutch as well...so sexy love...

Tiffiefum said…
Thank you for joining my giveaway, Sarah!

By the way, I saw you in Greenhills earlier today!:))
Pink MagaLine said…
I just started collecting scarves. When I travel abroad, I usually shop for scarves because they are cheap and light to carry. Now I just got another idea on how to wear a scarf in a hot city like Manila. Cheers! :D
@tiffiefum: really? where at? sana you said hi :)
AVY said…
First picture reminds me of American Beauty.

/ Avy

lina said…
Loving the way you style the scarf. :)
i LOVE this! the traveling scarf ~ what an awesome idea! i really like how you styled it and i LOVE your clutch! thanks for your sweet comments!
xx ~ kristina
simply h² said…
Such a pretty scarf. It looks great around the neck!

Anna said…
Ah this is so fun ! I would love to participate in something like this sometime .. thanks for stopping by my blog.!

If you want to become a follower..
Sabrina said…
This is a great concept! So cute!

The Mad Twins said…
love the pants and scarf! Great outfit! ^-^

I love how you wore it hon, it's such a beautiful scarf. I can't wait to share this with everyone. It looks different on each person. Your belt is pretty fantastic as well. -xxoo
That's such a great idea! Love the concept :D


Lyndall said…
Ooh I love your jeans! I've been hunting for a pair just like that!
Caro P. said…
Awww! love how u styled the scarf! Specially with the second outfit, it looks so u! :)
MJ said…
Love how you styled that scarf! The jeans and the white blouse are adorable! Thanks for your comment-following you now.

follow me back!
Kiddothings said…
Love your style here - very chic and sassy. Thanks for poppin' by my blog and commenting! :D
Natalie said…
Wow look at you working that scarf! :)
Janelle Moran said…
i love ur outfit here.... :D
Isabeau Jane said…
i love the boho vibe on your looks with the scarf!