What I Wore Today + Citizen Pub Review

Last Saturday, me and Dennis decided to join our friends at Citizen's Pub in Ortigas for some R&R. This is what I wore:

H&M sequined teal blouse c/o Funky Plum Vintage
DIY bandage skirt
Jessica Simpson Danys in Plum Velvet
oversized clutch from Landmark
I love this H&M blouse from Funky Plum Vintage. It's so comfortable and it has just the right amount of bling to spruce up any outfit. What I don't like about it is that the actual color doesn't come out in my humble photographs. In real life, it is much darker and dramatic.
Finally was able to take my new Danys out for a spin, like the blouse, the actual color of these shoes don't appear the same way they do in photographs :S

Anyway, Citizen Pub and Burger Bar is located inside the City Golf compound along Julia Vargas Ave. It has a pretty low-key atmosphere and is perfect for a chill night among friends. Last Saturday, the place was packed but not the too packed to be uncomfortable type, just the packed it's not boring type.
They have an extensive list of cocktails which I didn't get to try since I'm really more of a beer type of girl. My eyes brightened though when I saw the equally extensive list of imported beers available that were not overpriced. If my memory of the night isn't fogged by alcohol then I reckon them to be around P120 a bottle. Stella Artois at P120, not bad right?

We also ordered their "Fresh Fries". They have 2 variations on this. One with regular potatoes and the other with sweet potatoes. We got the regular type. Gas isn't exactly attractive on a date night :P The dipping sauce is divine. They actually have quite an impressive food menu which I plant to explore some more on a different day maybe for lunch or dinner.

Some pics from last Sat:

Funny Face Fred is at it again :P

The moon was beautiful that night, like a precious pearl tucked between soft blankets.
So what did you do last Saturday? :)


Unknown said…
You look great :) I love the top and the shoes are amazing! Perfect outfit for dinner with friends :D
Tiffiefum said…
Looked like a fun night! Loovvee your shoes Sarah!:)
Unknown said…
Cute outfit, love your bright top! Looks like you had a fun night out! :)

ghoent said…
fun photos! ganda ng outfit, saktong relaxed but never lacking in ooomph! =)
Issa said…
looked like you had fun! i had a nice time last weekend too with my cousins! we also drank all night! :)
You look great dear! I love your Dany's, they're the best color i've seen so far! :)


ahh! this is the cutest outfit i've seen you wear so far! i love it :}

-robots in trouble
Aya said…
You look so nice! You look good with red lips :D
Anupriya DG said…
Those shoes!!!!!!! Wish I could see their actual color!
Janelle said…
you've got great legs... flaunt it more often girl! :)
Pieter said…
Lovely top and shoes! :D

Want to follow eachother? :) x

niknok said…
gorgeous! i love your shoes!!!

The Niknok Style
elmie said…
love love love that top! XD
Anonymous said…
i love the top! btw, thank you for the maxi skirts
(http://ilovehuhnee.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/maxi-skirt-is-love/) i super love 'em. :)
Anonymous said…
i love the top! btw, thank you for the maxi skirts
(http://ilovehuhnee.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/maxi-skirt-is-love/) i super love 'em. :)
Those blue shoes are divine. They look fancy on your feet. I love sweet potatoe fries by the way;-)
Mxx said…
I love your outfit.... the shoes fit well! I do not have the guts to wear shorts for night-outs... You look perfect.
lasophia said…
Wow. Love those shoes. Are they comfortable?