What I Wore Today: Community Walk

Sometime last week, my daughter's class had their annual community walk. A community walk aims to educate our little darlings about the location and function of places such as the fire station, police station and post office. As an added bonus, they also got to watch how our friends at Papa John's make pizza. They got to eat some too :)
Parents were required to accompany their children during the walk and were also mandated to wear white t-shirts for easy spotting. This is what I wore:

top and brogues from summersault, shorts by protest, clutch c/o Manels, accessories from Yhansie, Shangri-la, Hat from Payless

It seems I spent most of this day in the post office. It also felt like my birthday :)
sent off the scarf (The Bloggerhood of the Travelling Scarf) to Madison...
A few weeks ago, I won Lloyda's Goody giveaway. Why? Because maybe I deserved it the most :P Check out my old brush:
Yuck, it's disgusting, I know. I think I've had it since high school. Amazed at myself for not replacing it sooner. Glad I won the giveaway and got a better replacement for free! Love my new paddle brush from Goody (again, I'm such a Goody girl :)) You can feel your scalp stimulated as you brush and can almost feel the oils moisturizing your mane. No pain as well.

And the spin pin is just wonderful! Check it out, a no fuss bun in seconds:
Ages ago, I won Nina On The Moon's giveaway. Same as my shoes (the plum Dany's), these took forever to arrive but I was finally able to pick it up on post office day:

Cute huh? They're made by hand from scrabble tiles. I'll re-edit this post and add the links (sort of in a rush right now) later :)

And when I got home, lookie:
From my love, Stila. This smokey eye palette is so cool because it talks! Just press the button and it gives you instructions on how to apply a perfect smokey eye. An in-depth review on this on the lipliner in a future post.

Gotta go get ready for lunch now. Have a great Sunday :)


Michelle said…
Wow! :-) It really does look like it'a your birthday! LOL
Toni Tralala said…
I have to say, I love the spin pin. :) It's easy to use and it's such a quick fix!
Mode Junkie said…
you look great in that white ensemble!! and loveee your prada-esque brogues!! I WANT!

Myrted said…
You've been so lucky Ms. Sarah! :) You're paddle brush really needed a replacement. :)

Loved your all white outfit.

Mary Ann said…
carry Rum indeed! ^^ lovet!
Meream said…
Hahaha I laughed when I saw your old brush. Mine looks as sad. :D
Sick by Trend said…
you look fabulous!! :D Love those Prada shoes! :D


wow, you look great! are you wearing prada´s?

00000 said…
Gusto ko rin ng spin pin. I bet you're the most chic mom at the community walk! Love love your shoes! :D

Lee of [Caffeinated Epiphanies]
Kel said…
You're a vision in white, Miss Eggplant!

Keep on glowing!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel - still living vicariously through pretty things at www.amuseabout.com
Unknown said…
love your shoes!
Love Lois xxx

Hello Naka said…
i love your outfit and shoes! the eyepalltte sound so cool and i love the necklace :3
Pink MagaLine said…
I love your top. It is oversized but still looking awesome. Hey congrats on you winnings! :)
hazel said…
wow you got a lot of goodies!! :D nothing beats free stuff hahaha ;)
Anupriya DG said…
Wooohoo! Looks like you've been quite the winner lately! Or maybe you've always been one!!! :)

Love the all-white look........very summery!
Aya said…
I love this outfit! I've never seen shoes like that before, you wear them great! xoxo
sugar sugar said…
you're such a lucky girl dear! :)

i also love your outfit! white looks very pretty on you! =)
Emma said…
Aw, sweet day! Congratulations on winning those goodies - most definitely needed, haha! :) x
J. said…
You're such a chic mommy! You look fabulous!
krissy ♥ said…
So many goodies, I love them! And I also love how you put your own fasyon stamp on your outfit instead of just coming in a plain white shirt =)

It was great chatting with you, too! More meetups, more chika! ♥
Unknown said…
omgosh your outfit is so cute and summery! way to rock those flatforms! awesome accessories too :)

Aya said…
So many prizes! Hihi the Stila palette looks nice!!!
Anonymous said…
That community walk is a great idea! A good way to learn! <3

Cute outfit! White is so nice to wear especially this Summer!

you got good stuff! LUCKY!

btw thanks for the comment on my blog and I'm following you now!

xoxo, Bree

Chyrel Gomez said…
i've never had such luck with blog giveaways. love the no fuss bun, would love to try it if my hair cooperates. :)
Shasie said…
Very cute look. What a great idea for the children! That's so nice that they do that!

Shasie of Live Life in Style
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