What I Wore Today: Final Epic Fail

Here's my final post with blonde hassle hair. I think going light makes me look elder :S Anyway, this was taken the day after I did the first part of my ombre. I was invited to the Johnson's launch of their latest endorser, Judy Ann Santos at the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel.

The event was at 11:30, I woke up at 11am in utter panic. First, my head really hurt from a really bad hangover, second, I didn't really feel like going to the event with blonde hair and having my photo taken numerous times :S, third, where was I going to find the time to have coffee, take a shower, eat a little and dress up before the event?

After a few hours, I finally was able to leave the house...

what I wore:
Volcom shirt (used as jacket)
Lace dress c/o Funky Plum Vintage
cmg bag
JC Lita's

love the lace print details of this dress:

Me and Mikka at the event:

I had to cover my face with a sticker because PMS and Blonde hair really, really make me feel ugly :(

And a close up shot of the "fixed" ombre:

Before I end this post, I would just like to say that I am finally happy with my hair :)

Check out THE Celine bag with Angel Jacob :P
we were drooling over it from afar, I swear I could almost smell and feel its soft buttery leather from 5 meters away!!!

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Good luck everyone, have a great Sunday :)


Unknown said…
Now, only Angel Jacob can pull of a toga(ish) dress.

I bought hair dye na for my ombre project... Kaso biglang nag-backout ako coz I have straight hair... Most of the photos I've seen, have wavy hair.
Why on earth will you put a sticker on your face?! You're hilarious Sarah! Hahhahah! Had fun with you that day. Glad you showed up! :)

Sorry to hear about the headache. You look stunning in that dress and green jacket. And you are so playful putting sticker on your face. lol
Mxx said…
You look great --- how you manage to look so nice with a hangover is amazing to me!
Monsterchen said…
u look so gorgous, and i think you never ever have to cover your pretty face!!! i like the combination of military blouse and lace dress, so cool!

love and kiss,mary

Caro P. said…
Hahaha... u always make me laugh with your posts! that sticker on your face was very funny, but really... why? ur so beautiful! Don't u ever cover your face! :)
Love how u matched the lace dress with the green shirt! it looked awesome!
I spent the lasts months thinking about getting the ombre hair, but i was afraid to ending up hating it and having it done the wrong way, so i decided to go reaaally dark black. Maybe i'll get the ombre for the summer! :)