What I Wore Today: The Girl In The Mirror

There are days when a simple white shirt suffices. Yesterday was one of those days....

clutch c/o Manels
shirt from Topshop
shorts - American Eagle Outfitters
shoes - Julian Louie for Aldo

After all the hullaballoo of the night before (will write about that in my next post), I just felt like keeping things simple. Wore this ensemble to exchange a rug I bought in Living Well, Podium for another color. In case you didn't know, they're still on sale. A lot of great deals to be found in their store. Lots of Buy1 Take 1 rugs, glasses, plates, and big sales on linens ;)

So glad the weekend's finally here. Hope you all have a great one! :)


Anupriya DG said…
Aaah! One day.....ONE DAY....I want to raid your shoe closet!!! ;)
Unknown said…
Simple but still chicccc! Shoes can really give oomph to a simple outfit!!! :))
Oh my Dior! said…
your shoes are totally amazing girl!

@polka princess: lol, what's your shoe size? wish you lived here, i have a lot of suprlus ;)
Karla said…
The fact that you can wear such a simple outfit and make it look so glamorous is a gift. So jealous!
Mary Ann said…
you may wear a shirt but u look like a hollywood actress on her day out, ^^,
Michelle said…
:| I definitely do not look like that when wearing a plain white shirt. :)) LUCKY!
Yuna said…
amazing outfit, and the shoes are to die for :)
Melai said…
I've always loved those shoes! :)

Melai of Style and Soul
Mxx said…
Lovely outfit. Have a lovely weekend!
i love the bag! and your pose on the last photo {:

-robots in trouble
lala said…
i love the top! <3
white+blue, excellent match! :)

Valerie said…
love the simplicity :)
keschen said…
i love your whole outfit.. simple but chic! and about your shoes, OMG.. they are soooo HOT, would kill someone for a pair.. :)

follow each other?

lop said…
i'm in love with your shoes!!
here in Milan there's an Aldo shop, but i don't like the shoes it has.. always on internet, blogs.. i see a gorgeous aldo shoes!!!;(( why?!?!?

like your blog!

Jonessa said…
You look so chic even in a simple shirt and shorts get-up! love your shoes, the clutch and the drape of your white-shirt Ms. Sarah! :)
Janelle said…
your shoes make your outfit really bangin!
ghoent said…
one really can't go wrong with the perfect white shirt. And with those shoes, it just gets even better! <3
ENNAID said…
Effortless look! Lovet! :)

The Mad Twins said…
Great outfit! Your shoes are incredible! They are so pretty!
Yes, white shirts are definitely a go-to for lazy days! You look great!


Brittney said…
Awesome shoes! Simplicity can be great, especially with such bangin' shoes. ;) You look great. :)
those heels are pretty incredible! you look amazing xx
oomph. said…
a plain white tee is perfect for those outstanding shoes! total shoe envy :)

Ricademus said…
Simple is always good--especially when it's hot. It was 107F here today, with the same expected tomorrow. I may stay in the a/c all weekend! =)

Hope you have a good weekend.
Roxanne said…
super awesome shoes, i think it can go along perfectly with any of your outfits ;)

Jlo said…
Very edgy & gorgeous wedges! <3 <3 thanks for dropping by my blog babe, Am your new follower now :D I would be more than happy if you could do the same! ;D


You never fail to rock this kind of look :) Love the added classy clutch and tribal shoes!
wow! love it

Natalie said…
definetly love the shoes!!!

Those shoes are amazing! I love your whole outfit, too! Hope you're having a great weekend!