What I Wore Today: Hasbeen Desiring

I wore this yesterday for half the day, I had to change mid-way to go to the post office because the area looked quite dodgy and I wasn't about to set foot in that place wearing leopard print shorts.

ktpd blazer, elvis shirt from switch nation, DIY leopard shorts, lita's, bag from SM

I was going ga-ga all day yesterday debating on wether to buy these JC's from Ava.ph or not. I event went to Fashion Forum to check if they had it in stock. They didn't :( I've put these in my cart three times but I haven't checked out. They come with quite a hefty price tag, a bit more than the Lita's, and I would really want to fit a shoe with this price tag first before actually committing. What do you think? Yay or Nay? :)

Also, my hesitation is partly due to these:
Eversince I laid my eyes on a pair of Hasbeens, I instantly fell in love. I remember seeing a couple pairs of shoes from Mamita's closet as a kid that greatly resemble these. I wish she kept all her clothes and shoes. Mom's too.

I am seriously crushing on these but they are so expensive. After converting into peso and adding total shipping cost, they will come out to be roughly P15,000+.
My sister-in-law is currently vacationing in Hong Kong so I asked her to check out H&M for the collab version, my heart sank when I found out they didn't have it.
Have you seen a similar pair anywhere? Please share your leads :)

Anyway, this is what I pickedp up from the Post Office:

Have you heard of The Bloggerhood of the Travelling Scarf? It's the brainchild of Sweet and her blogger friends. It's basically a scarf that travels around the world from blogger to blogger, and each blogger shows their own interpretation of how to style it. Interesting right? So I signed up to be part of this epic event in the blogosphere. After much waiting, it has finally arrived in Manila from Greece! I will be posting my pics hopefully by tomorrow. If you wanna join in on the fun, just click HERE.

I'm running terribly late, so I gotta go for now. Have a great weekend everyone :)


D said…
Wow the sisterhood of the travelling scarf is such an awesome idea!!! I want to join!!! :)

Plus I love Hasbeens. Their collab with H&M is awesome especially the nude wedge ones.

Regarding the JC shoes, I'm sure Fashion Forum would have it soon since they posted that pic in their July new arrivals album. Just to be sure, check them out first then decide! :)
D said…
Additional info about H&M x Hasbeens. A lot of online shops offer them for pre-order. The red one you posted retails for 4550php in one of the online shops.

Found it here:

Hope this helped! :)
Great combination. Oh man those JC's look amazing. I can't really advice on whether it is worth it or not since it all depends on what you have now, affordability and how much you will wear it.

What a great idea about the scarf. Can't wait to see it.
Chyrel Gomez said…
I love that the comment section would pop out na. Easier to comment on your previous post and you look so gorgeous on the first photo! I'm crushing on you! Hahaha!

Yay for the JC shoes and ang mahal naman ng Swedish Hasbeens. I always see them on international bloggers and I bet it was given to them for free. #thirdworldproblems

BTW, I met Sweet last Thursday and she's sooooo cool and nice in person! Ahh! Can't wait to meet you too! :)
oomph. said…
nice job on the leopard shorts! i'm not a huge fan of the hasbeens, so i would personally choose the JCs, lol! but i know that those hasbeens are really comfy. will keep an eye out, though! decisions, decisions!

gladi said…
H&M has a collaboration with Swedish Hasbeens?! I didn't know!

Daphne, thanks for the very helpful information. I've been lusting after Swedish Hasbeens ever since seeing SJP sporting pairs left and right. I couldn't afford them at regular price but with the H&M collab, maybe...
Kaisensei said…
I love your DIY Leopard print shorts! The JC Shoes is a YAY for me! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! As for the scarf.. the idea is soooooo cool! I can't wait to see you style it. :) I really have fun visiting your blog. I look forward to your outfit posts. You always pull off amazing outfits! :)
Andrea said…
you look wonderful!!

i have those h&m hasbeens in white but i want a pair of hasbeens clogs too :D
Aya said…
COOOL travelling scarf!!! That was a great idea:) Can't wait for your post on that :)
sugar sugar said…
would love to see the look you will do with it!

it was also nice seeing you at the iwhite event. :) hope you have fun for the rest of your weekend!
Love your outfit!:D cute shorts! and i love the shoes..super YAY! hihi..BI? hehe.

oooh!! cool traveling scarf! I wanna join!
ching said…
im aching to have leopard shorts.haha
Stacey Kay said…
Those shoes are awesome but wondering how long this fringe moccasin look will stick around? Maybe not the best investment...

Stacey Kay
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belle said…
cute shorts!!! you're making me want those black Lita. too bad the woven in Ava is brown. Want it in black. I liked the Page One too but I thought the design is not that unique? still gorge though.

and I like the concept of the traveling scarf. can't wait to see how you style it.
Unknown said…
I love your leopard print shorts! And the Traveling Scarf idea sounds really cool - I'm curious to see how you would style it :D
Apple said…
Hi Sara,I love the shorts and blazer!

It was so nice meeting you at the iwhite event, ;)
Anonymous said…
You look so wonderful and fun--those shorts are great, and I'm glad you protected them when going to the PO.

The red sandals are gorgeous. I, too, would love a pair.
Megann Monday said…
I am really drooling over the JCs! As for if it's worth the price, I guess it'll depend on how versatile it can be when it comes to your style, you know? :)

Travelling scarf--how chic is that?? :D Thinking about joining!