What I Wore Today: iWhite Event

I was invited to an iWhite event last Saturday that was held at Papa John's in Greenhills. I was so out of it the day of the event from an all-nighter the previous night but I already RSVP'd a week ago so I had to drag my lazy and hungover carcass out the door. Big mistake, I shouldn't do that anymore when I know there'll be photo ops. I just look really tired :S

Anyway, this is what I managed to wear:

clothes from Greenhills, vintage Pierre Cardin clutch, JC Lita's
The weather wasn't helping either, it was raining cats and dogs. Perfect weather for some dvd's and pizza. I didn't get the dvd part but I sure had my fill of pizza!

We were educated about the brand and it's various components:

Every pizza available on the menu which I just adore with the dipping sauce and a bite of Jalapeno!

Familiar faces:
Finally got to meet Michelle of mitchwearsclothes.blogspot.com...She's so youthful and fresh-looking, standing next to her makes me feel like a dinosaur! :P

Bec of mygorgeouspinkcheeks.blogspot.com, I spent almost the entire event with her. She's such a happy person, quite a hoot to hang out with.

People of iWhite Korea:

They had a booth where you could get a facial and try out their various products:

And afterwards, I got to go home with these:

The cold weather ;ately has been turning me into an eating machine. I get all sorts of cravings that I MUST give in to. This time, it was Paella. The traffic was really bad everywhere so we settled for the nearest place I could get it, Dulcinea.

Paella Valenciana: Yummy, always a crowd pleaser and at Dulcinea, it's always good.

Got some Callos too cause it just wouldn't be complete without it ;)

A lot in one order with generous helpings of tendon, and morcilla sausages...mmmm!
I'll write more about the iWhite event in a different post. I have to explore the cd that came with the event.
Have a nice day! :)


i knew it sarah! sorry we were not able to jam lol! my virus is still clinging unto me like a leech! nxt tym! we'll see each other again fo sho x
Mary Ann said…
^^ Loving your lace shorts Sarah! ^^
Oh and I use iwhite, I get them in Mercury drug, ung mask n parang pore-strips and purpose? super effective, pati si BF pinapagamit ko yan hehehe (pinipilit ko xa,^^)
MJ said…
Love that outfit- those shorts with that top are so cute!

D said…
Looks like a very fun event! :)

Btw, I already posted the maxi skirts I named after your blog. hehe. :)
Unknown said…
love ze shorts!!!!!
.Candy. said…
awesome shorts!


pretty ever! really love that lace shorts of yours! BTW gave you an award hope you'll like it!


lori said…
it was nice meeting you too Ms. Sarah! nice outfit by the way. :)
Mxx said…
You look great. No sign of the hangover.
Apple said…
super nice to see you at the event,I hope we got to chat :) maybe next time..I love the outfit ;)
elmie said…
you don't look tired at all, you still look fab! :)
Love your look - clean cut and pretty :) And I love paella too!
Sassi said…
love your shorts!
I love those shorts! They are so lovely and unique! I think you look fab, even if you were super tired!
Noelle Chantal said…
Love the shorts on you! And those foods, making me hungry! Looks like you had so much fun :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
i haven't had lunch but nagutom ako sa food porn! the scalloped shorts are lovely too!! and scalloped sounds like food!

oh gosh.
Nicola said…
I am so jealous of your Litas! I just don't know how bloggers walk around in high heels all day, my feet hurt within the first hour and I have to take them off! Is there a magic trick?

Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog, do you mind if I link you in my sidebar? x
Tiffiefum said…
It was nice meeting you at the event, Sarah! I could not ever forget those shoes you wore! haha killer!<3
Myrted said…
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Myrted said…
Hello! I love how skinny and lean your body is!!! You remind me so much of Barbara Martelo.. specially in your outfit in here. If my memory serves me right, she was once an editor of Vogue Espanya. You're stunningly beautiful! :)