What I Wore Today: K Pop!

If you follow me on twitter, you probably already know that I was up to no good a couple of days ago. If I was my hair, I would probably be going on strike already or hiding in fear. :P

Several months ago, me and my sis-in-law were talking about the ombre hair trend. We both really loved the look but C is afraid of bleach where as I, on the other hand, embrace it. I used to have a hot pink fawhawk at one time and multi-colored locks shortly after. I blame it on my prolonged Singapore stay.

So to make the long story short, I couldn't get over the ombre trend and I have been dying to try out since then. I admit, I was a tad bit scared cause it was the first time I was ever going to bleach my hair by myself. I used to have it done in the salon all the time.

Because of the storm, my daughter didn't have school for 2 days and was out playing with friends. When I have a lot of free time on my hands, I experiment :P

This is what I wore to buy my first dyeing kit....
Volcom Shirt used as Jacket
Sheer white top c/o Funky Plum Vintage
Forever21 shorts
Lita's in black

my before hair, trembling inside

my first after shot:
Epic fail! ....As you can see, nothing happened. Why? Because I'm hard headed like that. I read in multiple sites not to use regular blonde hair dye because it won't work. They said you needed more lift than a regular dye can provide. I reasoned with myself and thought I don't want a severe contrast and I don't have caucasian hair still....They're right as you can see...lesson learned. always LISTEN and FOLLOW! specially when it comes to DYI-ing your hair.

I needed a break and more hair dye so off I went to Greenhills for some yummy buttermillk pancakes from Flapjacks.
They didn't have a highlighting kit in Watson's so I went to HBC and bought powdered hair bleach....
Hello K, Pop! Another epic fail! Let's see, where did I go wrong...this time, I followed everything I read online to a T. If you're not caucasian or have color treated hair to begin with, DON'T. Local highlighting kits act differently from creamlights.
In one online tutorial, they said to apply first to your tips, let process, then apply more towards the midsection of your hair and a few strands across your face for highlighting. I followed everything and ended up with blonde streaky hair ala K Pop :(
Which I had to endure for an entire day + an EVENT (:S) cause by the time I was done, all the stores were closed and I couldn't head out for another bottle of dye :( So you will see one more post of mine with freakishly blonde hair that looks like balayage gone wrong....

Finally, after a third bottle of dye....Success!
(photo courtesy of Nikola Sy)
This was taken by my daughter while I was lounging around in sweats. (My favorite at home uniform for cold weather :)) I'm so relieved to be without my blonde hair. I've always wanted to be blonde but when it finally happened by accident, I couldn't wait to be a brunette again!

I will post a step by step tutorial on how to do ombre hair (minus the mistakes :P, say thank you to me for being your guinea pig!), later in the day.

And lastly, I couldn't be more than happy to say that in such a timely occurrence, I received an email from Pax of Drowning Equilibriums, saying that I won a jar of Lory's hair cream! Perfect timing for my super stressed out locks!


Wow, that was very time consuming I bet but looks great at the end.
I am also toying with the idea of darkening my overall hair then adding super blonde highlights or doing the whole thing in strands. Will have to visit a beauty salon product store for foil may be and those brushes they use.
I like your end result hair though. Looks great.
Mary Ann said…
I Love the Final outcome! ^^
really, good things come to those who wait (and persevere! ^^).
Wanting to try the ombre but am waiting to get back my wavy hair first, ^^
Anonymous said…
parang april boy! haha
mestizay said…
Omg sarah i also did the same thing! I tried dyeing my hair for the 1st time!my hair is liGht copPer blonde but i wanted an ombré hairstyle. I used liGht havana on my tips.aun EPIC FAIL! Walang nanyare! Nakonsome lang ako!ahaha
Shopgirl Jen said…
That's why I'm afraid of coloring my hair. baka d ko magustuhan lol :D
Myrted said…
I'd be waiting for your DIY ombre hair. I actually want to do that myself too, I'm just waiting for some time to get my hair longerrr. :)
Aya said…
Hahaha! I'm scared to DIY when it comes to my hair. Blogs and videos really help in times like this no? Hehe
Nimue said…
Oh I love ombre hair! but I don't think I'mgonna try this one out, now I see how much trouble you have to get trough! :) xx
oomph. said…
omg, i did the same thing! i tried to ombre staying close to natural dark brown on the top with super red on the bottom. can't tell you what a mess i made trying to dye the half and half only to come out with still all brown hair!!! gah!

Estelle said…
Wow, I love how you wore your green shirt as a jacket, it looks sooo cute!

Ohh ombre hair, why must you be so difficult! Especially for brunettes! I'm half Asian so my hair doesn't take very well to light hair dye, and I've had the same experience as you in the past- I tried to dye it lighter, waited excitedly for the dye to develop....and when I washed it there was no difference! Soo disappointing...

My second attempt at ombre was slightly more successful. When I was in Bali I took a very detailed lookbook of ombre hairstyles to the hairdresser, because he had never heard of the ombre hair trend. He thought I was crazy for wanting to dye my hair "two colours"! Finally I convinced him to and it turned out with some bad results....he literally painted a line of bleach from the mid to the ends of my hair, resulted in a straight line of dark brown to orange hair! It looked so bad, so when I got back home I had to dye my hair back to plain old brown. So, I totally sympathesise with the long path you had to take to get to ombre. However.....your hair turned out looking great! Yayy :)

x x x

Unknown said…
I can feel the relief that you finally have after getting the hair color you like! :)) but can I say, you still look good either way. :) pretty, hot mom as always! :)
ghoent said…
i am soooo looking forward to that tutorial! ive also been wanting to have ombre hair since summer, but will probably wait to finish job interviews first. haha! =P your hair turned out great! =)
Issa said…
i love your jacket! I was also eyeing this hair trend but I'm not so sure if it will look good on me...
congrats btw on your lory's hair cream :)
belle said…
how brave of you...my hair cannot stand bleaching. it breaks..literally. I do like the end result of yours, the last one of course.
JHOANA said…
I'm so inlove with your outfit! Especially your shoes. =) Ombre hairs are pretty! wanted to try it too but I don't know what color to use.
Melody said…
I just did my own ombre hair too! I've always dyed my own hair and have bleached it before so I had an idea of how to do it. I also saw a really good video on youtube. Your end results look good!
Meream said…
Well... at least you have a rocker chic look now. Haha! But really, you look fab.
theversastyle said…
omg i've totally had epic dyeing moments too.. black hair does NOT like to lighten. hahah

i tried dyeing my hair too 2 years ago but failed, i'd rather ask someone to do it for me hehhe..love the outcome of yours.
Hollie said…
I've never dyed my hair, not even once. now, I want to try it...hehe
Anonymous said…
Been dyeing my hair for the 3rd time now, but I am less experimental on how it should look. Like to try the ombre hair, but will it fit on curly hair?