What I Wore Today: Kanye

Pop yo' collar! Was it Kanye West who suggested we all do that? I know the Becks family were one of the first to start doing it publicly being British and all but it was Kanye who actually made a song about a collar. LOL (sounds so shallow after re-reading it.)! I might make myself several million writing about hems instead!

Anyway, I did not research on this info, I'm just drawing it from memory but I'm pretty sure the whole pop your collar thing was started by the Rugby players to keep the sun away from their napes cause we all know that "black batoks" are such a turn off! :P Good thing Belo came along...
Okay enough about collars. I just find it fascinating that something as simple as popping a collar could have such a drastic change in the look of your over-all outfit. It makes an outfit look instantly "smarter" and chic-er!
Back to wearing maxi skirts again. This time paired it with an old denim jacket from Topshop which I swear is taking so long to look battered! I bought it more than 5 years ago and I have literally abused it in trying to achieve the whole rugged look, but no luck. It still looks as new as the day I bought it. That's quality for you. I'm not sure if I appreciate it or not :P Anyway, you probably already know this but just in case, for those of you who haven't heard about it, You can now put your Topshop purchases on lay-away. For a minimum receipt of P3,000, you can now pay for your items at 0% interest for 3 months. (This is for Metrobank cardholders only, which I am...uh-oh!)
Seriously! I wanted to buy these american flag printed distressed shorts last weekend but I think P2700 is just too much for a pair of denim shorts. Super hot or not :S I hope a lot think the way I do and it reaches the sale. Spoiled brats stay away! lol :)

There's my leather clutch co/ Manels again. I just really, really love it! :)

Tekka Makki...one of my favorite things in the world to eat!
And do you guys remember this dress from my Funky Plum post? Well, I left it behind and I haven't forgotten about it since Saturday. I think it's all cold and lonely in their store. Thinking of going back for it this Saturday. What do you guys think? It just reminds me so much of Chanel a few seasons ago. I don't mind wearing stuff from past seasons. We don't live in the upper east side anyway :P
Have a nice day!

Ms. Eggplant

ps. who's on Google+? I just made my account yesterday. :)


Mikimoto Angel said…
I love your outfit big time. Especially the maxi skirt. :-)
Mary Ann said…
We have the same denim jacket,^^ to give mine the tattered look, I had to resort to DIYing them though, ^^
as always, I'm so in love with your skirt!
Mary Ann said…
PS: Just read ur FB post, ^^ invite me nmn pls here: numberslettersandfashion@yahoo.com
mucho thanks! ^^
Karla said…
I think you should go back for the dress. It looks really good on you!
bestie said…
Awesome look! I remember I did a similar outfit months ago with a green maxi, white t-shirt and denim jacket too! I loved it. Heeh :D and you should totally go back for that dress! If the store were anywhere near me I'd beat you to it. Lol. <3

To answer your question: The Ferretti pumps are comfy, imo. I can wear them (and walk!) for long periods of time...although it's a tad awkward because it's a little too big on me. I need half sizes! Haha
missy s said…
you can buy a similar shorts from an online shop. i think it cost around 600 :] Im inlove with that kind of shorts too!
@missy: what's the url of the store? :)
thanks bestie, it's funny after blogging for quite some time you notice similar looks on different people :P i'll check out ferreti. i need another pair of pumps thats comfy super hard to find! a lot really hurt :(
ann: check your mail, sending you invite now :)
Unknown said…
yes, i actually was suprised na that white lacey dress dint make it to the cut... It really, really looks good on you! You should def get it. :) i really adore your style. Chic mom! :)
Anonymous said…
maxi skirts are so in style right now :) Looking cute and chic!

I say, buy that dress! It's gorg!

xoxo, Bree

A N A G O N said…
Love your style talaga! :)) I want the lace dress too! :D Peg mo nga yun may flag na shorts! :)
Aki No Yuutsu said…
I'm gonna start poppin' my collar !
The Cat Hag said…
You should definitely go back for that dress, it's superbly pretty! :)

The Cat Hag
ghoent said…
the blue denim and orange clutch contrast is so pretty! =)
JanandJill.com said…
So funny, I had no idea the pop your collar thing originated from rugby players. The Beckham family definitely looks cute doing it. I love your military green maxi skirt and the denim top. You look pretty and chic as always

JanandJill.com said…
So funny, I had no idea the pop your collar thing originated from rugby players. The Beckham family definitely looks cute doing it. I love your military green maxi skirt and the denim top. You look pretty and chic as always

Sada said…
You are such an entertaining writer! I love how your character comes through. This is an awesome post, so funny too! And really, I love the look. LOVE it! You've totally sold me and i'm your 714th follower!! Wow! Impressive numbers to a baby blogger like myself. btw, thank you for popping over and commenting. It means the world to me. Truly.
Dressology HQ
Sada said…
ps. Go buy that dress. It's BEAUTIFUL!
Dressology HQ
i love the white dress! hehehe... you definitely aren't afraid of color huh? i love it (referring to your first photo).

-robots in trouble
oomph. said…
i totally agree...the flip of the collar makes a huge diference! denim jackets are so perfect with evvrything! love it with your maxi!

Aisa.Paxie said…
you always look amazing babe!!! love your maxi so much!:) and go na buy na the lace dress!:)
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous skirt. I wish I could pull of this look and not look like an idiot lol!
Zoe said…
Oh wow, that long green skirt looks amazing on you!

@pax, i think vern got it already, that's what i get for procrastinating. todo sisi :S nevermind, may bagong dating naman ata. i'm planning to pass by again this saturday :)
Valerie said…
I love the green maxi. Everything you wear always looks so cool and chic. :) xx

Love your green maxi dress - esp. in combination with your maxi clutch =D

Good choice darling.

come and visit the cookies blog...follow if you love to <3

Midwest Muse said…
Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Your blog is awesome! I love this white dress! I need it!
Rockbleeder said…
Hi! thank you for visiting my blog. And thank you because I have discovered another beautiful blog. Your blog is awesome and your outfits, too :)
Caro P. said…
Hey Sarah!
Is that maxiskirt one of your DIY's? u look great in that outfit! It is totally true about popping your collar, it makes u look chic-er! im gonna try it from now on!
btw... that white lace dress is gorgeous, i've been looking for one from over a year and still nothing, way too pricy or way too crappy! hehe...

belle said…
Buy the dress! it's really beautiful. it's a classic. and i love the color of your skirt. so nice.
ENNAID said…
Buy the dress!! :)) Anyway, I love your skirt!! Check out my blog babe!

Shasie said…
A lot of people don't like popped collars, but I think it only bothers me if it's polos. I love it on denim jackets. I think it's hot!
Shasie of Live Life in Style