What I Wore Today; Manel's Anniversary Sale + My Picks!

This is going to be a photo heavy post but I'm sure you will all enjoy looking at the yummy pictures of shoes and bags galore, patience please, I promise it's worth it. :)

Last night, I was fortunate enough to be one of the bloggers invited by Manels for a private sale to celebrate their 47 years in the industry. The event was held in their newly renovated store located in the 3rd flr. of Megamall's Bldg. B. The new store is designed to cater to a younger and more hip clientele as well as an upgrade to coincide with the launch of their high-end women's line, Catch.

This is what I wore:

love my new necklace :)
I have been really obsessed lately with Cherie Currie's style hence, the gold jacket. I just love her so much and I found out that we have the same birthday along with Billy Idol. haha!

As a thank you to all their loyal clients, Manels is having their biggest sale ever!
5 decades as a leader in the industry, 5 days of one of the most generous shoes and bags sales ever:
Accompanying this sale is the launch of Manels Nation:

Some pics from the event:

with Krissy of Krissyfied

Sweet, sweet Anagon, love her tassel necklace. Watch out for that collection, soon to be released :)

Charles, looking and feeling much better last night. We were both so out of it during the last event :P

with Pax and Honey

Ava can't decide :P

Pax with her pick, love it!

hmmm, which shoe?

with Reg, finally! Can't believe how tall she is in person, stunning!

with Honey:

Bloggers Unite:

Some of my picks from Manels:

You gotta hurry, everything is at 50% off. You can get shoes and bags for as low as P600! There is no time to bide time.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover gorgeous bags and shoes made of premium leather. Prior to this day, I thought Manels only carried synthetic items. They are gorgeous and smell wonderful too!

Lots of colorful belts perfect for color-blocking!

Some picks for the dudes:

After much deliberation, look what I finally went home with:

A 3-way bag in buttery soft leather! I can use it as a chain shoulder bag for evenings out, a long strapped shoulder bag for everyday use and when I need free hands, and the reason why I chose it, it makes a beautiful envelope clutch!

love its many compartments!
My new favorite bag:
Thank you so much Manels, I am a true convert. Expect me in your store more often from now on. Love love everything!


Honey Andrade said…
IT WAS SOOOO NICE TO FINALLY MEET YOU IN PERSON!!!! I've said it once before and I'll say it once again.. You don't even look like you're 31!!
Aya said…
You looked rockin! Love the jacket :)
Really nice meeting you too Honey, it's a shame you're leaving and we won't be able to have more time to hang out, it was super fun! Hopefully we'll get to see each other many more times before you leave. :)
JanandJill.com said…
That's so cool you got invited to go to this and it looks like you had a great time and met a lot of fun girls. I really liked looking at all the pics

Layered Black said…
Lovely! And I love your shoes!

Yey to being able to bond more with you, sarah!:) hoping for more! Love your bag!:) and may i say, i love your look last night! chic mom!!
Chyrel Gomez said…
Aawwwww! This is really great! I think magugutom ako ng ilang buwan if I was there. Hahaha! Dig the items you bought. <3
Very fun event and your jacket is super cool. Looks like a lot of fun.
great gold jacket!

Tiffiefum said…
Omy, I love the jacket you wore!:)

Love the bag that you bought too, classy.
A Fine Balance said…
you are definitely rocking that gold jacket! and Do i see signs for 50 % off when it comes to shoes? : P
also Buttery soft leather makes me go bananas I love the smell of a good leather bag.
J. said…
Fun event! The purse you chose is gorgeous! I love the color!

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment at my blog!
Unknown said…
nice to finally meet you in person! :) super love your look last night! til next time! :)
Smolder Me said…
cool look sarah! ;)loving the jacket! - Che
Love that look! Especially the jacket!
fashion doctor said…
darling ,you look fabulous! xxxxx
Claire said…
Thanks for visiting my blog.
i'm specially loving the jacket!
Issa said…
wow, will check this out later!
cheriecity said…
that jacket is the shiznit =) nice blog! :)

Sara said…
You look really cute! Looks like tons of fun :)
wow! meetup with the bloggers, thats extremely fun!
You are adorable in that jacket... plus you are barking right up my tree with shoes and bags! What fun you had...

Thanks for visiting my blog today... I hope you will visit again!

Anonymous said…
You - fashion and beautiful! I love turquoise leopard! I now wear high heels - turquoise leopard! Thank you very much for your comment!

Shopgirl Jen said…
it was nice to finally meet u in person! i have a photo with you, just check my blog. hope to see & bond with you again! :)
Lette's Haven said…
wow i need to hurry para makahabol sa sale! yey yey!!! those shoes are really gorgeous! thanks ms. eggplant for this info...

The Glamarazzi said…
Anxious for that sale to come to Cebu! :-) great choice with the leather bag.

The Glamarazzi