What I Wore Today: MAXImum Comfort

Food plays a big part in my life. I don't eat to live, I live to eat. So when an occasion comes along for me to be able to stuff my face full with things I crave for, I make it a point to dress for the occasion! :P
On lazy, veg out days such as this one, a loose top paired with a maxi with a little sprinkling of of accessories here and there to add oomph is the way to go. And yes, I'm wearing flats...from Crocs! :P My mom got these for me ages ago. I don't normally wear ballet flats because of my height and I don't think my feet look very good in them but there are times when you just have to. And these ones by Crocs, are the ultimate in comfort, my feet look good in them too :P

One of my favorite cuisines of all time is Indian. I love the fact that their food is brimming with personality. The abundance in spice and flavor is the ultimate turn on for me. And among my favorite restaurants to get my Indian fill from is New Bombay. They used to have a branch along Wilson that I used to frequent but since that closed down, I had to go all the way to Makati, until I discovered their little branch in Podium.

Here are my Indian Staples:
Rogan Josh in Lamb or Chicken (this time I ordered Chicken)
Not really a curry, not masala but something in between with cashews sprinkled on top. Excellent!
Yummy Roti for wiping off all the excess sauce left in the dish!
Palak Paneer - cottage cheese in spinach sauce or (known as ghee in the Indian world, back in culinary school I remember an Indian chef mentioning to me that each house in India makes their own ghee and they all have their own special recipe for it). Vegans must order this!
Falafel-ish (forgot their name for it in New Bombay but it's reminiscent of Falafels)- first time I ordered it, didn't like it, I found it too salty. If you like Falafel, just got to Cafe Med. Theirs is to die for.
My ultimate fave - Chicken Tikka Masala, extra spicy please! This is chicken in a tomato cream base (I think they use yoghurt). Very, very good. You'll wake up craving for it.

When me and Dennis first started dating, I took him to New Bombay and I remember him having such a hard time swallowing the food. :P Now, he is just as addicted as I am. Years later, I ask him why the change of heart, he said that initially, the bright and vivid colors of Indian cuisine put him off, according to him, it just didn't look natural. I'm telling you, it is, you just have to open your heart and let the flavors seduce your mouth.
And look what my lovely sis-in-law got me from HK...perfect for stacking! My new favorite arm candies :)
I'm still selling maxi's, for more info , just click on the box at the right rail. Thanks, have a nice day! :)


theversastyle said…
ooo cute! everything looks soo yummy... making me hungry.. again.

Flo said…
i like your hair!

visit me if you have time (: (:

This outfit does look comfy and chic. The food looks delicious.
Caro P. said…
Hahaha... u just made my mouth water! i love indian food, it is just so colorful and spicy! yumm!
That Chicken tikka masala look delish!! :D
Btw... thanks your your sweet birthday wishes on my fb wall! :)

Big kiss!

Mom of 12 said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Those foods are all so bright and colorful. I've never eaten Indian food since my sweetie hates curry.
It looks tasty!
Unknown said…
Oh my. I love Indian food! These pictures have convinced me I need to make a good attempt to get some tomorrow.
ChiccaStyle said…
Love your bag, so stylish!!!
Issa said…
looks yummy! i love your bracelets! pretty! :)
i'm loving the bag and the outfit. that food looks so yummy.
oomph. said…
i've never had indian food before! i'm with you on live to eat though! love, love, love to eat!!

Camilla said…
this looks so tasty!

x Camilla

niknok said…
You outfit looks so comfy and chic!!! ^_^


Catmare said…
Love the bracelets you got! They look great altogether :)
LittleMissLee said…
oh fab, love your maxi, and food looks good!


two birds said…
i love this outfit! it looks so comfy, yet so stylish, as well. and now, i want indian food. yum!
Smolder Me said…
Food you say?! We are soo going to get along dear! hehe..indian food is one of my faves as well :)-Che
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Natalie said…
I love that outfit...looks super comfy...and now you've made me hungry for some good food too! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :)
Sam said…
loooove the look! it looks so comfy!! :)

and they have a branch in podium?? must check it out!!

belle said…
I love Indian food. need to try those!!!! thanks Sarah!

and I love your bag!
Unknown said…
ah, yes... eating! one of the loves of my life too! hehe! when i was younger, i was very intimidated by indian food as well and just put off by the smell... but now that i'm older, i've learned to appreciate everything about it.. the smell, the textures, the tastes. love it! and you are dressed perfectly for the occasion! ;)
Jackie said…
cute outfit hun! and mmmm the good looks so amazing.. I love indian food!!


Nav said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog girl! I love what you are wearing, you know what it made me realize me I dont have much grey in my closet. AND I am East-Indian and I love Indian food and like to cook. sometimes, I share east-indian receipes :)

xo Nav
sugar sugar said…
i've never been a fan of indian food. i don't hate it but i would skip it if i could hehe. >.<" my parents say its because i have low class taste. :P

let's chat next time! i saw you twice but was rather shy LOL! x) i'm always lurking around charles hehe. :)
i love your outfit ~ very cute!! i am also a big fan of indian food ~ chicken tikka masala is awesome, i'm so craving that now!!
xx ~ kristina
Diana said…
ah i LOVE indian food and now i am definitely craving some!! thank you so much for your sweet comment!! lovely blog -- following :)

visit again soon! xo