What I Wore Today: Prime

I finally got to watch The Transformers yesterday! Was supposed to see it last Sunday in Rockwell but the theatre was full for the rest of the day so I just did a little shopping for my little one since Kids of Bayo is at 50%off (and they will be 'til the end of the month).Yesterday though, we decided to treat Nikola to an after school movie since she was a little heartbroken about not being able to see it. This time around, we decided to catch it much closer to home, in Promenade. This is what I wore:
topman hat, nava crochet sweater, DIY vegan leather shorts, yhansie necklace, JC Lita's

Nikola has been dying to see the SMurfs since they released their toys in Toy Kingdom about a year ago, now we will finally get to see the movie! I used to love them as a kid as well. Did I tell you about the time NIkola accidentally purchased a cart of smurfberries in the iTunes store and my card got charged $20?? :)) Funny now but not so funny when I saw the surprise in my bill :P

Our movie was at 7pm so we decided to have an early dinner in Mexicali, Promenade.
I have been a regular at Mexicali since they first opened their doors in Megamall more then a decade ago. Me and Papahoney (my granddad) used to love chomping down on their burritos. I spent most of my pregnancy here too stuffing myself with cheese enchiladas. What I love about Mexicali other than the taste of course, is their consistency. The quality of their food hasn't changed since the 90's which I find quite remarkable since a lot of restaurants slowly deteriorate after a good five year run.

oooh lala, just looking at the photo makes me wanna go back and order another plate...
my all time favorite: cheese enchilada with mexican rice and salad, about P200

Dennis had the Onion-grilled El Reno burger which was just the right size for a proper man's appetite with the right amount of juicy and beefiness, about P180++. Nikola had the classic cheeseburger which was the same size as this one. She almost finished the entire burger! :))

For starters, we ordered a plate of cheese quesadillas. It comes with 3 sauces, sour cream, salsa and a green one which I think is a combination of crushed cilantro and jalapeno ( delicious!).

This is what our plates looked like afterwards:
I never get disappointed in Mexicali that's why it's always a staple in our go-to mall restaurants.

About the movie, if you haven't seen Transformers Dark Side of the Moon yet, go see it. I think it is the best installment so far and judging from the script, probably the last. The third installment of the Transformers franchise has all the cgi goodness you love from the first and second but with 10x more action. The "ladiesman" is still there to please you with his funny anecdotes but this time around with a hotter leading lady by his side. I don't want to spoil it for you any further just go see it, best P200 you'll ever spend :)

ps. Greenhills movie theatre's are selling "Popcorn Movie" Shirts for P220. Wear the shirt each time you watch a movie to get a free tub of popcorn!

Some more good news, I found a cheaper supplier for the gold fabric I use on my Kimonos, what that means is that I can sell them lower! Email me for inquiries, I will be posting more details on my FB fanpage within the day so stay posted! :)


Unknown said…
OH! I want the gold kimono!!! HOW TO ORDER? HOW MUCH? hihi... please inform me! ;)
Chyrel Gomez said…
I really love those Lita's and where did you buy? I have a bad experience with online shopping cause I was expecting a skirt from lulus.com but i never ever received it. So depressing.

I've seen T3 last Friday and our company paid for it. Free movie treat in SM CEBU IMAX for everyone in our site. Love freebies above all. Haha! Rosie is so hot and she's one of my favorite Victoria's Secret Angel.

I would love to try Mexicali soon and congrats with the blog feature. :)

Haba ng comment ko noh?
Hi Nina! You can visit my fb fanpage, just look for the album and place an order by filling up the order form, thanks! :)
@chyrel, yea haba! lol! i bought my Lita's in SM fashion forum, you want me to check if they still have it in your size? i could get them for you first if you like, pay me nalang when we see each other, im so excited!!! hihi :)
Oh my Dior! said…
that's a beautiful dress because it's sexy and cute at the same time!

Unknown said…
I love the all black outfit and the crochet top! You look very chic :)

And congrats on the blog feature as well!
Unknown said…
Not sure if you chose to subscribe to comments by email, so I reposted my reply here regarding the picture size. I use flickr to upload all my pictures now since Blogger decreases the picture quality. There is an option for you to choose the dimensions when you go to copy the html code from flickr :)
cool, thanks rinny :)
Mikimoto Angel said…
The food looka delish. hopefully i get to try Mexicali soon. The cheese quesadilla and el reno burger made me melt! :-)

BTW, you've totally rocked your look. i love the accessories. you look like a celebrity.

Much love from Mystic Nymph
ghoent said…
am really liking your outfit! you are such a cool mom! =P and this post made me hungry. +_+
D said…
Love your outfit!!! And I also shop at KOB not for my son but for me. haha
Anonymous said…
Yet another great outfit ^_^
The food looks so delish!
ninasayshello said…
THE FOOOD! DROOL! haha anyway nice outfit! love your necklace and of course your shoes!
oomph. said…
really love your bag!!!! and the food looks delish! mexican is my favorite food.

sugar sugar said…
I was supposed to do a Mexicali post but you beat me to it! LOL! x) I love the smurfs too. LOL! Your baby girl is so cute. ;)
Baya Casar-Sy said…
Me and hubby likes Mexicalli too!

I agree with you Transformers Dark Side of the Moon is the best!

Michelle said…

And in an interview, Shia dropped hints that it was probably the last installment.

At least they ended with a blast.
I love your bag, it accents your outfit well. :) Oh, and I love Mexicali! Your pictures are making me crave for a burrito! Hahaha!

Christine B said…
I love that knitted sweater and you great bag :)

thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D
theversastyle said…
i love holey sweaters!

Shasie said…
I've wanted to see Transformers

Live Life in Style
Janelle Moran said…
nice outfit... love the peace pendant... :D
Jenna Lee said…
Loving that necklace! Very cool piece.

Thank you for the sweet blog visit!