What I Wore Today: Rainy Sunny Day

Sorry if I'm a bit haggard looking, my days have just been really jam-packed, stressful, busy but happy lately. Anyway, that's besides the point. I'm here to talk about the weather AGAIN. lol :P Only because it's such an essential part of Manila's Street Style dressing (in my humble opinion) because the weather we've been experiencing lately is so erratic.

I present to you example no 1:

You wake up all chilly and rainy outside, you prepare your breakfast, take a shower, dress up for a rainy day but mid-way, the clouds part and the sun starts to shine brightly over the metro with intense heat that requires dressing in shorts. So you follow suit ad grab your favorite pair of shorts, only to find out a few hours later that a downpour is getting ready to rain on your cute semi-summer ensemble.

It can get really confusing sometimes so this is the easiest way I came up with to be able to cope with the ever changing weather:
  • A simple cotton shirt that's easy to layer and cool enough to wear in the heat.
  • A hat to keep the rain away from your head.
  • Boots...because I can't stand wet feet, keep them ankle length to avoid looking awkward when the sun starts shining again mid-day.
  • A light sweater for cover- up in case it gets chilly ( and because I don't have a rain jacket. It is so difficult finding an interesting one worth my time, but I have been looking for one high and low, trust me :S)

The preview best dressed ball is coming up and my friend Mikka of http://mischmashbymikka.blogspot.com/ was entertaining the idea of us grazing the event, I thought the Studio 54 theme was fun so although I didn't really say yes yet, I decided to look for some inspiration by watching the movie 54 again for some fashion ideas. Haven't seen it again since '98 so my recollection of the movie was quite vague.

After watching it though, I realized that:
  1. If you do decide to wear clothes at 54, you don't keep them on for very long once inside.
  2. Crazy hats are the way to go.
  3. Crazy attitude even better.
  4. Look like a Vegas show-girl.
  5. Boobies are the strongest fashion statement.
  6. Hottest accessory is a young, topless, Ryan Philippe...

Are you going? :)


Chyrel Gomez said…
love the six realizations about studio 54!! ma-RT nga sa twitter and yes! dressing up always depends on the weather! i hate that it's sunny then it would rain the next time.

really love the humor in this blog post. winner!! ikaw na! <3
D said…
The weather is crazy!!! I'm not sure what to wear whenever I go outside so thanks for the tip. :)

And sadly, I'm not going since it's my birthday and I'm not invited. LOL.

Unknown said…
I loooooove how simple and charming that outfit is! And I've never seen the movie so I'm thinking about checking it out! I'm a sucker for oldies :D

char said…
love your top. chic!
Mary Ann said…
Hi Sarah, thanks for dropping by my blog and Yup--technology wld be my bestfriend from now on. I'll have to make him register to twitter para faster.^^
On my tummy ache, it's gone now, and I don't remember eating anything out of my ordinary regular meals.=( Still thinking of going to the doc though.

PS: the JC's and Ryan are both smokin' =)
You are not alone! Ako din my outfits are weather dependent kaya this crazy weather is making my bag more heavy kasi may dala ka ng jacket pero may dala ka ding shades! Hahaha! Good thing you have your Litas that goes well with any kind of weather! :)

Issa said…
nice simpe outfit! your shoes are to die for! :)
Mita Adindayu said…
i love your bowler hat and your bag!
mikenbecca said…
Nice shoes hun!
Anonymous said…
I invite you to a new post on my blog. :-)
kisses doll ♥
A Fine Balance said…
The hat is just adorable! And perfect for keeping out the sun and keeping your hair dry during those rainy days :P
Cute outfit! P.S. Where can I get my very own topless Ryan Philippe? :)
fashion doctor said…
love your boots! xoxoo
Emily said…
Good advice for unpredictable weather! You look adorable! I absolutely love your top. Really interesting detail on it.

alexys oliver said…
i love this outfit. reminds me how cute the boots look with shorts!
you are a pretty thing too!
totally into your blog.
Keri Shadai said…
The weather has been bipolar all over the world lately!I love your outfit, especially the Litas! *Following!
I love your shoes! and the hat too! :)

-new follower here!

You definitely do NOT look haggard, silly, you look gorgeous! And the top is amazing. I reckon I might try something similar with a little fabric paint.