What I Wore Today: Tulips

I wore this last Friday for some girl on girl bonding time with my good friend Pat.

Topshop top
DIY leather shorts
JC Lita's
Shades c/o Funky Plum Vintage
I love the new rhinestone studded sunglasses I recently got from Funky Plum Vintage. It's dramatically oversized which makes me feel safe hiding behind them. The rhinestones also remind me of something Kat Von D would maybe wear. Very Hollywood, very rockstar. LOL :P

We did a bit of shopping, eyeing on the green JC Lita's again. My size is still available and I feel like they're just waiting fro me to snag them up but I don't know if I need a third pair in a different color. Maybe if it was the tapestry or the gold glittery one. Anyway, got some books cause there's nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee and a good book :)

I'm all alone at home this Sunday and I'm still figuring out what to do. I haven't spent a Sunday alone in ages!


Morgan Jordan said…
Love the top! And your hair looks amazing too. Awesome look!

Rae said…
I want the bag :)

Animal print!

Anyway, this is a little bit late but I love your entry on 'finding a quasi-McLaren's bar' :)
patricialoves said…
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patricialoves said…
hey sarah! the green lita is still available in mega?? gosh those are the third JC's i was contemplating on getting but they didn't have my size in makati. maybe it's better that way :P go fer ittt!


sorry deleted the earlier comment. please remove that na lang from your feed :) haha
@patricaloves: cray cray!!! not a good influence! lol, you're making me wanna go to megamall NOW!!! :))
Sarah said…
I have my own pile of books sitting by ready to be read. I love that I have had a chance to read this summer! Also, how do you walk in those shoes?!
@sarah: they JC lita's are actually very comfortable contrary to popular belief. you can run in them. i do :)
00000 said…
There's nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee and a good book --I agree! The last time I read a good book was almost 5 months ago haha. I love your top! And your egg chair, inggit ako hehe. I want one! :)
Charity said…
Chari T (deep fried stilettos)
Oreleona said…
love how u paired it with the purse!!!
thanks for the comments guys :)
Michelle said…
Amazing outfit! As usual! :-)
Unknown said…
OH! I love that shirt from Top Shop.
@ana b: i got it on super mega sale, they still have :)
ellie estrada said…
Hey thanks for stopping by my blog <3
your blog is pretty cute! FOLLOWED. keep it up!

Andrea Antoniou said…
i just love your shirt, your blog is just soo lovely, ill be visiting it again very soon :)


Hazel said…
cute top and sunglasses!! i need to buy myself oversized one too :P
fashion doctor said…
love animal print! lovely,stylish outfit! xxx
Aya said…
mukha ngang hinihintay ka ng litas! Hahaha I like your sunglasses!!:)
Anupriya DG said…
The oversized tee with the leather shorts - rockstar chic!! :)
Hayley said…
amazing top!! and your hair is gorgeous =)

Melai said…
love it! parang rockstar lang sarah! :) love the shoes of course! :)

Melai of Style and Soul
I love your outfit! Cool, rockstar-ish vibe complete with the rhinestone shades! :)


Kaisensei said…
Love this outfit! Oo nga, rockstar ang dating! Nothing beats those wonderful shoes. :) nuff said.
Dana said…
I love the outfit! The top looks lovely!
Gel said…
The shades are nice and it really does suit you well :) You're such a bookworm! Too bad i'm not fond of books :(
Nikolett said…
Love the outfit! Especially the leopard clutch, and the shades too - I love ones you can hide behind for a while haha. Hope you spent your Sunday curling up with a good book and some coffee :D
I love your outfit, especially the bag!

i love this outfit, cute !