2012's Hottest Shoe Trend

Shoes in Shoes!

Crazy or Couture? :P
I imagine this would cost a lot of money because you would need to buy bigger sizes to accommodate another shoe within your shoe. I really wonder if this is going to catch on? I don't really wanna cross it off entirely because I seem some potential in it. I'm thinking designers are actually going to start selling shoes within shoes. Fully customized for day comfort and night glamour. I think that would be awesome but none of these monstrosities please! :))


At least pagnasira yung isang shoes mo may spare ka pa? Hehehe...

Unknown said…
im not so sure' tho maybe this is made for cold weather!
Michelle said…
WOAH. This is awesome!! I love how unique it is! :-) I wonder what styles they'll come up with. :)
Errr... Nice try but I would say... Crazy!

-Robots in Trouble
Anupriya DG said…
OMG! Are people really that crazy about fashion nowadays??? I'm sure I'm not gonna try it out anytime soon! :P