Branded Items for Less at TOPS

Last July 29, 2011, fashion bloggers from all around the metro gathered at the V58 resto-bar in Ortigas to learn more about TOPS.

I must say that the team behind TOPS really went out of their way to pamper us. The place was overflowing with good food and drinks plus we all got to go home with goodie bags and more :)
Me and Ava kept on teasing and cheering each other about the raffle so it was a hoot when he called out our names almost simultaneously, announcing that we each won something!

The good people behind TOPS:

At some point, there were so many cameras clicking away that we didn't know which way to look anymore! haha
Yes, TOPS does a lot of charity work and outreach programs too...

For those of you not yet familiar with TOPS or The Off-Price Store, they are an outlet store not unlike the ones you'd find sprinkled all over the United States. Here, you will find authentic name brands like Topshop, Zara, Adidas, Nike, Forever21, Springfield, Nine West, Zoo York, G2000 and many more at really, really low prices.

Currently, TOPS has 10 branches spread out around the country with 4 more in the works.
To know more about TOPS, visit their website at:

thanks to Ana, Melai and Ava for the photos :)


we're tops lucky!:) haha! nice bonding with you, sarah!