What Do YOU Get Up For?

By far the most meaningful event I've ever been invited to since I started blogging was the launch of Golden ABC's most recent project called "Get Up."

For those of you not familiar, Golden ABC is the company behind some of our country's biggest fashion brands like Penshoppe, Oxygen, Forme, Memo, Regatta, and most recently, Tyler.

Last Thursday, a handful of bloggers, including myself, were invited to the Museum Cafe in Greenbelt by GABC for the chance to familiarize ourselves more with their latest advocacy and to be able to share it with you.
We were treated to a nice, sit down dinner which consisted of the following:
In between courses, they launched Get Up's promotional video, which I am in :P

To celebrate their 25th year in the industry, Golden ABC is launching Get Up wherein their clients have the unique chance of giving back to their community by shopping from their outlets.

For every P1000 spent at any Penshoppe, Memo, Oxygen, Regatta and Forme, GABC will donate P25 to the advocacy of your choice.

“GET UP” is a CSR platform which engages customers in raising awareness of GABC’s various advocacies in education, community building, environment, and arts & culture.

with CNN's Hero Of the Year, Efren Penaflorido of Kariton Klasrum

By shopping at Penshoppe, Regatta, Forme, Oxygen, and Memo, you are given the chance to help out and donate to its partner charities.
Here is the list of GABC's Get Up Partners:

  1. Children's Hour - Children's Hour is a non-profit fund-raising and grant-giving organization. They raise funds mainly by asking individuals and companies to donate at least one hour of their earning once a year. They then deploy these funds to carefully selected projects that help children in the areas of education, food, shelter, protection, and total development.
  2. Aklat, Gabay, Aruga Tungo Sa Pag Angat at Pag-Asa - The project seeks to achieve the twin goals of enhancing the public school's resources for supporting literacy development and for providing a basic early childhood care and development service for 5 years old through the preschool program as well as addressing caregivers and teacher's needs.

  3. Habitat For Humanity Philippines - Habitat For Humanity Philippines is a non-profit Christian ministry working to help build responsible and self-reliant communities by enabling Filipino families in need to acquire affordable, decent, and duranble homes. Established in 1988, HFHP envisions a world where everyone had a decent place to live.

  4. Museo Pambata - The Museo Pambata is a children's interactive museum, the first of its kind in the Philippines. In Museo Pambata, children can use their total senses and learn various concepts at their own pace. It excites the minds of the young, inspires them to learn more, and most importantly revitalizes what child learning should be - fun and exciting!
  5. Dynamic Teen Company - Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) is a group of concerned young people with a mission of making a small yet significant difference in other people's lives, particularly the small children in slurn areas who have no access to education, basic hygiene, and sometimes even love from their families.
  6. WWF Philippines - WWF Philippines implements conservation and development projects in 11 provinces and at least 28 towns. On a nationwide scale, WWF advocates for appropriate environmental policies, engage corporations for sustainable business and conducts environmental education activities in Metro Manila and other key cities and towns.
  7. Gawad Kalinga - The vision of Gawad Kalinga is building communities, empowered by people with faith and patriotism; driven by a culture of caring and sharing, dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity. Its missin is to end poverty to 5 million poor families by 2024, Land for the Landless, Homes for the Homeless, and Food for the Hungry.

    “GET UP is not just about what people wear, but it is also the call to action to do something valuable for others and the country,” said Bernie H.Liu, CEO & president of Golden ABC

During the event, some of us were asked the question, "What do you get up for in the morning?" That night, my answer was the environment since it was the first thing that entered my mind and this issue has always been close to my heart. However, after reading up on Get Up's partner charities, I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of realization that there is something more infinite and important than the environment. It's LIFE. Life is the web that connects us all and this time through this latest partnership, we have the power to inspire, the power to give life, and the power to provide the opportunity for others (be it other persons or wildlife) to live life the way they should and deserve to LIVE it.

So what do YOU get up for?

To find out about GOLDEN ABC, please log on to : http://www.goldenabc.com

To find out more about GET UP, please log on to : http://www.getup.ph


cheriecity said…
So happy to know that fashion brands in Pinas now support such an advocacy. Congrats on being a part of it! :D And thank you for sharing it on your blog, to inspire other bloggers such as myself.

With regard to your question, I have to say I get up for family. :) And hope, mostly. Hope that the morning and other mornings after that will bring me closer to my dreams. :)
Anonymous said…
hey i was the one who got apic with u ..hope to see u again on other events , pls do visit my blog too! www.lakwatseramom.blogspot.com and kindly add me too on facebook (janese halabaso) thnx!