What I Wore Today: 70's Shorts

crochet vest from greenhills
diy cami (orders yours for only P400 ea. from me :))
belt from topshop
shorts from forever21
shoes from jeffrey campbell
I wore this a few days ago to something I am really excited about but cannot share with you just yet. Don't worry, once I can, I will tell you immediately :)

Sorry about the lopsided photos, I hope they don't irritate you too much. My photographer (Dennis :P) is experimenting with new angles. Let's not chastise him, at least he's trying and still taking my photos after almost a year now :)


disco in moscow said…
you look so fab! xx

Cherie said…
i love everything, especially your shoes!
Unknown said…
love the look doll@@

cool blog

I'm having a DESIGNER DRESS GIVEAWAY on my blog

Christine said…
those are really cute shoes! but are they comfortable? still thinking of buying one for myself :)

cool DIY cami by the way :)

Fabi said…
thank you for your comment!
i love the shorts, and the shoes.......... no words.

follow you♥
Cute look! Love the vest with those shorts!
oomph. said…
great shorts! you look so good in those litas. i still haven't hopped on the bandwagon, but i'm tempted every time i see a pair! i don't mind the angles...after all i use them in my blog!

Charity said…
Chari T (deep fried stilettos)
Gela said…
you always have the best pair of heels! love your shorts, too! haven't gone to F21 in a while now. i should soon!

boat ride through the sky
Adrien Loren said…
Hi!! thanks for visiting!

I really love your shorts! so cool!

You have a ncie blog! I follow!


Adrien Loren
sugar sugar said…
looking fab dear! :) i love the shorts and everything about this outfit! :D
mitch said…
Nice gams! lovin' the shorts and shoes, so fierce!
Rizza Lana said…
great styling! :) +1 follower here ;)
Honey Andrade said…
Signature look mo ito 'te.. :) Lavet! Miss you!!