What I Wore Today: Aly Borromeo

Several days ago, we decided to have lunch in Megamall before taking Nikola to school. This is what I wore:

ilaya kimono
topshop shirt
kenneth cole belt
pink manila shorts
prada backpack
JC Lita's

These Lita's have been such a god-sent to me through all these storms lately.
Before I go on, I feel the need to add a bit of "ugly" to this post because I'm sure most of you girls will be pissing your pants by the time I reach the end. :P

Say hello to the ugliest toys I've ever laid my eyes on:
Would anyone seriously part with their cash for this? He doesn't even fall in the "it's so ugly it's cute" category, or does he??? :))

As if that wasn't enough, meet his girlfriend and watch her rock her red fur bolero :P
Okay, enough with the the nonsense, I just thought it was too good not to share. Anyway, here's the icing on the cake:
aly borromeo
He's huge...I mean tall! :P And he seriously made me feel like a high school coed all over again. He's all the hot you can imagine and more, it also helps that I have always been a huge football fan and he's a good footballer :)

Okay, I'll leave you guys to marinate in all your green envy. Just kidding :P Have a great day ladies! Don't forget to join my Thriftshop Girl giveaway! Good Luck :)


Mary Ann said…
he's so Gwapo! ^^

By the way Miss S., the hole of the dress is at the back part almost at the butt/lower hips area, ^^
@ann: easiest solution: tie a light sweater around your waist when you wear it! :P
Frank Vinyl said…
hahah omg so creeepy!!!! love those random dolls. and love your shoes also!
Valerie said…
Adore your kimono top! It's not Halloween yet, why are they letting out toys like that? lol. Thanks for dropping by my blog. xx
Sharon Lei said…
Yay for Lita's!!! :D I also love your kimono.. fabulous combo, hun!

xx Love & Aloha
Issa said…
awwww, ang pogi!!! i love your Lita's and your kimono! :)
Is that Kokei??? Ampangit naman. Parang poop na nilagyan ng mukha. :( Hahahaha! Btw I love your kimono! :)

The Mad Twins said…
You cardigan is soooo beautiful! ö

xxx London

ps: you can still join our giveaway
Roxanne said…
cute kimono! Ali looks so gwapo.. hihi

Unknown said…
Yung toy--parang pre-mature teletubby. But the footballer makes a good contrast to the entry. Hindi ako masyadong fan ng azkals, ngayon lang nag-si-sink-in that they're larger than life.
disco in moscow said…
wow, you look great!
btw, these toys are really creepy;p xx

Meream said…
He's all the hot you can imagine and more ---> HA! Love that :)
Such a cute outfit
Suyen said…
Love the kimono top! :)
Unknown said…
You're so chic! And he is gwapo. =)