What I Wore Today: Biker Build-Off

oversized texturized top from summersault
shorts from Forever21
vintage wayfarers from mom
Jeffrey Campbell Lita
Just a random post of an outfit I wore during the storm a couple of days ago. I'm at a loss for words today so I'll just leave you with an invite to join my current Thriftshop Girl giveaway. Thanks to everyone who joined already. Good Luck! TGIF ;)


Ann said…
i know i'm too old to say this, pero I can't help myself:


Looking great! Stunning post and I love the way you styled those Lita's!

Janelle said…
i like your slouchy top :)
Michelle said…
I looooooooove your outfit!!!! :-)
Aya said…
Biker chic! :)
Reese Milania said…
rocking it hun!!!

Melle Lee said…
you're sooooo pretty... sucha cool and pretty biker.. wish i know how to drive a bike :-(
Julia_Julia said…
cool like)
Wow! That outfit is certainly fierce enough to go on a bike!
oomph. said…
you're killing me with the ducati! this is a look i can relate to!

Polka Princess said…
You are looking hot in that oversized tee & shorts combo, girl! But that Ducati is grabbing all the eyeballs.....sigh! :)
Anonymous said…
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Jogels said…
Kakalerkey lang i love this look! queen ikaw na!
Smolder Me said…
oh yes! biker chic! lovet! this reminded me of my hubby...he salivates over these bikes! ;D sorry hanggang tingin na lang sya! teehee!

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