What I Wore Today: The Fat Samurai

kids of bayo blazer
tank top from greenhills
wide leg pants and shoes from summersault
bag from accessorize
belt from landmark
necklace from Yahnsie

I wore the above outfit to gorge on the Jap food below:

my favorite Chirashi Don /Tekka Don


Miso Soup


  • I wish I knew how to take better food photos.
  • This weather is so conducive for eating. If the rain doesn't let up in a few days, I may have to hold a huge closet sale to make money for shopping bigger sizes :S
  • I want to study in FIP
  • Am I too old to go back to school?
  • Have a nice day!
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Oreleona said…
love ur maxi skirt!!
Mary Ann said…
^^, No one is ever "too Old" for School, I think,^^

Basta Go lang ng Go, ^^
Mary Ann said…
^^, No one is ever "too Old" for School, I think,^^

Basta Go lang ng Go, ^^
Layered Black said…
Loving the pops of color, way to werrrrk it!
Chyrel Gomez said…
no one is indeed to old for school. go na! i love the tonkatsu and yakisoba. nagutom tuloy ako. love your blazer and yes to closet sale! :)
Caro P. said…

You make my mouth water with those food photos! Weather here is incredibly crappy, there is a cold wave so all i wanna do is tay at home in pjs and eat a whole cow.
You are never too old for school! but maybe you'll be too cool for school! hehehe...
Have a nice day too!

btw... u are no fat samurai, u are a neon samurai! That is a badass outfit! luuuuv it! :D

Issa said…
of course not! no one is too old for school if you want to learn new things! good luck on your decision miss sarah! :)
oomph. said…
never too lold for schoole! love the wide legs!

Pieter said…
What a fun look, very cute!

Want to follow each other? :)

Yes, the weather is soooo conducive to eating + bumming around the house! Hahaha! You're never too old for school! :)


Khlaren said…
love the neon color on your blazer! :) I think no one's too old naman to study/go to school! ;)
Unknown said…
I just luv the color of your samurai pants!
The Niknok Style
Hazel said…
ohh wow i suddenly got hungry! :P and yeahhh blame the weather all i want to do is sleep and eat all day long!
belle said…
one of my favorite outfits from you..super love the blazer. you're never too old for school. goooo...
Jasmin ❀ said…
"Madame" is a very sophisticated magazine. Age target is 30+. At first i was quite surprised why the styling tips went from 30+ till 50+, now i know why ;) If your looking for something really fancy & crazy you would not find it in here. So far about my first impression.

Vernissage and Cream
Aileen Kim said…
everything about this outfit is just adorable!
Jadore-Fashion said…
Love the pants and the neon details of the blazer!

Kookie B. said…
That blazer is so cool! Parang I want one. :)
ooohhh!!!your outfit's so cute!!and the food looks so delicious!

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