What I Wore Today: Gray Wide Legs

what I wore to a dinner:
topshop tee, vintage belt, summersault wide legs, prada backpack

Hi, Sorry if I've been MIA lately. I think I'm going through bad PMS or burnout. I'm hoping for the prior.
Been watching marathon episodes of a Long Way Round and a Long Way Down. That's what I want. To go on a vacation in some remote place, maybe somewhere smack in the middle of Mongolia or something similar. Barren lands where only basic necessities are essential. Just me, one companion, the open road and a backpack. Bliss...

BTW, I'm looking for some new inspiration, kindly send me the links of your fashion/inspiration blogs. Would love to check them out. Thanks, hoping to a kind week ahead! :)


A N A G O N said…
Grabe I am still on burnout/confused mode right now, nakakaloka siya--I think overdue na to hahaha :/ Anyway, hoping for the best for both of us! Or siguro a vacation nga to a remote place is the solution! :P But then, that'll require pera nanaman, hay! Haha!
hirap no? im thinking nga of sagada...at least you don't need much money for that, less stress :)
Yna Amores said…
Hope everything's okay Ms. Sarah!

maybe you'd like to join my giveaway too

Love those wide legged pants.
Jlo said…
Welcome back :) Those fabrics wide legged is so comfy! You totally stunning in it <3


oomph. said…
great pants. that sommersault place has great stuff...isn't that the same place with the (prada) shoes?!
wow!! loving the new look of the site!:) and nice pants! very wide indeed!
disco in moscow said…
woow, these pants are great! love this look! xoxo

Aya said…
Nice! I like how the pants are just sooo flowy :D
Lloyda said…
love the outfit!!! :)
Zeng Daria said…
learned about your blog thru lauren's iambourgeois. love this outfit! i havent tried wearing wide leg trousers ever. i'm quite scared. haha.

also, i love your idea of a perfect getaway. i'd want to be trapped somewhere far from the hustle and bustle of the city life with a person i can talk to for days. :)

Zeng D. of TheBeehive