What I Wore Today: Inside Tops

short sleeve cardi from be, blue polo from pink manila, DIY leopard print shorts, vintage belt, landmark clutch, JC lita's

If you recall from a few posts ago, myself and a few other bloggers were invited by Tops to get to know the brand a little better. As a token of their appreciation, we were given a couple of GC's along with some other stuff. Since all the Tops branches are located quite a distance away from my place, it took awhile for me to visit them.

Last weekend, I finally had the chance to check out their Jupiter, Makati branch and I was pleasantly surprised. I always thought that Tops was similar to the Surplus Shop or the many tiangge stalls selling "overruns". I was very wrong. It really is exactly the same as discount shopping at Marshall's and the like.
During my visit, I spied brands such as Melissa with their shoes selling here for only P999!
as well as Longchamp bags for only P5500!
They also carried other brands like Quiksilver, Hugo Boss, Victoria's Secret, Barbie, Elle, Terranova and H&M to name a few.
Since I was feeling quite generous that day, I decided to give my GC's to Dennis so he and Nikola could share them and these are what we came home with:
I brought home just one little itty bitty pair pf Terranova shorts which were like P100 only. I got Barbie and Old Navy leggings for Nikola and 3 pairs of pants for Dennis:
The Levi's were such a steal for only P900 each! And if you're wondering...no, they're not the typical discounted "daddy cut" pairs, they're actually really nice. Slim and tapered!

The rundown....
(I'm only speaking for the Makati branch cause I haven't been to the others)

For women - TOPS is great if you're looking to buy basics. Meaning basic denim, slacks, t-shirts and office wear. If you're looking for unique and more "fasyon" items, you'll have no such luck here.

Kids - very tiny section for girls. I only noticed ELLE and Barbie. Didn't notice anything for little boys.

Men - SHOPPING MECCA!!! I swear! They have so many awesome things for men from shoes to outerwear. They have a great selection of Puma sneakers, H&M Jackets, Benetton pleated shorts, Hugo Boss belts, Levi's, etc. Your man will go crazy, especially when they check out the price tags. You know how much of a cheapeskate they can get when it comes to fashion!!!! At TOPS, it's really, really cheap AND authentic. Not overruns as I previously thought. :)


Michelle said…
I used to pass by this store on my way to school back when I still used to go to Benilde! :-) I was really curious but I never really stopped to check it out.

Oh and by the way, you won a race kit thingy! :-) You can claim your prize on August 25 (from 10AM to 7PM) at the 11th floor of Solar Century Tower, 100 Tordesillas cor HV Dela Costa sts. Salcedo Village, Makati City

Thank you! :D
hey michelle! thanks for the race kit thingy! hahaha :))
Gillian Uang said…
I am in love with those shorts!!!!!!! <3 Did you design it? :)

Melai said…
Sarah! I haven't used my GCs either!!!! Hahah :) Will try to find time this week! :)

Melai of Style and Soul
thanks guys!
@gillian: yup :)

melai, bring the bf! :)
I pass by this store but never had a chance to take a look! Hmm, great post!


Chuchu said…
Hi! Funny when I was reading your story, I remember my trip to TOPS (they have a branch here in Cebu) with my husband. I dragged him to come with me. I was looking for something to wear for a nautical-themed event, but I wasn't lucky. I was only able to score a top for my corporate attire. BUT my husband was in a shopping frenzy and brought home 2 shirts from ralph lauren and board shorts from Billabong I think.

I can so relate to your experience. And your right, TOPS has a lot to offer for men. =)