What I Wore Today: Lazy X Rider

It was one of those days when they suddenly decided to suspend classes at the last minute. We were all dressed up and ready to drop off Nikola when we heard the news. With nowhere to go, we decided to hit Megamall.

Adjacent to the new Toy Kingdom at the basement of Megamall is X Rider. I'm guessing it's similar to that one ride in Enchanted Kingdom with the virtual rolloer coasters. I wouldn't know since I never go on any of these because I get extremely nauseous at the snap of a finger or a jolt of the apparatus.

Anyway, at X Rider, you get to go on the ride of your life for 5 minutes for only P100. It's a 4D experience with numerous themes to choose from.

You can watch people's reactions during the ride from the two flatscreens located outside the 4d room. So cute!

Anyway, this is what I wore:
Yup, even my face looks lazy and swollen :P

shirt from glamour studio
DIY maxi skirt (order yours now, check out my FB fanpage :))
brogues from summersault
Prada backpack I've had since high school


oomph. said…
damn...i saw those shoes on lana @ hautepot. do you think they would ship it here??!! love them!

i hope nikola is doing well now!:)

LOve the shoes!! huhu..i hope it waits for me on september!:)) perfect match with the maxi!
@ava: they have new stocks, just arrived 2 days ago :)
@oomph: i can ship them to you :)
Aileen Kim said…
i wore i stripey shirt too on my most recent post....it is such a bummer when they cancel classes at the last minute!
Flo said…
GREAT match, love your chic style
love this post!

disco in moscow said…
great look! xx

Maria said…
Love how you paired it to maxi.
Love your style.

Care to follow each other's blog? Would definitely appreciate that.

Hugs and kisses,