What I Wore Today: Night Out With Cebu Fashion Bloggers

Last Saturday night was epic. After the Audi event, we headed to the Howzatt Pub in Makati to catch the Azkals game. I just have to say that that goal by Stephan Schrok at the last minute of the first half was astounding. I nearly cried in elation! :P
You must try the food in Howzatt. They have an extensive menu with a selection typical of traditional pubs but with some Filipino food added in. Everything we ordered was really good. Beer is only P50 during happy hour, P85 during regular operations.
Arrabiata (above) New York Burger (below)

After the game, we headed to Cubao X so I could finally meet Cebu fashion bloggers/siblings, Chyrel and Liezyl. They were in Manila for one night only to watch the Incubus concert and I couldn't pass up the chance to finally meet them in person. These two sisters have been with me during the humble beginnings of my blog, until now. We have developed a friendship thru twitter and blogspot and I have a soft spot in my heart reserved for both of them.
We waited for them in Allan's Grill, Cubao X, where the music is good and the beer is cheap (P40/bottle)
Me with Joel aka
The Lizard Queen (Jim Morrison) and Gypsy (Jimi Hendrix) (our wiredstate nicknames), I buy most of my vinyl LP's from him. You should check out his shop in Cubao X which is called Vinyl Dump. They have a lot of great titles there and they're not overpriced. His band was also playing that night.
Me and Dennis...who just started his own blog :P You can check it out HERE.

And after what seemed like ages, they finally arrived!!! It felt like meeting up with old friends. Like a dear friend that moved and you haven't seen in ages. It felt good, really good :)

When Allan's Grill decided to have their last call for drinks, we crossed over to Mogwai to meet my other friends and have a couple more brews.

I'd like you to meet JC Valencia, he's a phenomenal professional photographer. You can check out his work HERE.
Chyrel's little sister Liezyl and author of the blog, The Red Diary
me and Chyrel (my best friend in Cebu :P), an awesome writer, seriously. Check out her blog: The Fiction I Live. It's quite witty and always a good read.

At about 3am, we decided to finally call it a night, even if I SERIOUSLY didn't want to. I wanted to stay behind 'til the sun rises but they had an early flight to catch the next day
(and Dennis was getting quite tiddly) so we had to drive them home already.

I can't wait 'til their next visit or my first visit to Cebu!

When me and the D got home, we decided to cap off the night with a couple more beers while listening to some good tunes from my newly acquired records:

It was just one of those unforgettable Saturdays that don't come by so often anymore.

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Chyrel Gomez said…
I really had so much fun meeting with you and it felt like we've known each other for light years! The Manila visit made me think of moving to your city! Hahaha! Until next time! :)
Faye said…
looks like you guys had so much fun!:)

hi, thanks so much for stopping by on my blog!

Issa said…
wow, ang sexy mo Miss Sarah! kakainggit! :)
Mars said…
You know you're one of the few bloggers who look so sexy. :) Must be a feature on your face. Or your beautiful skin tone.
Mars of fashion insouciance
You guys look great! :)