What I Wore Today: Philly

Dennis has had a fixation over one of Mercato's cheesesteak sandwiches. He's been stalking the place eversince his lips first met and fell in love with the Philly.

It was a Saturday night and the plan was to head straight towards the tent for a night of decadence. We had not anticipated the others who had the same thoughts as ours. The place resembled a meat market...not the USDA type.

Since we're both agoraphobics, we decided to make a U-Turn. After driving around aimlessly for quite awhile, we somehow ended up in B Side once again. And there we stayed until almost 3am until the coast was clear and it was time for us to return and enjoy our cheesesteak sandwiches in peace.

topshop shirt, dorothy perkins wide-leg denims, accessorize bag


Unknown said…
those pants look perfect on you!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons
fashion doctor said…
hi,dear! you look so chic! love your bag! xoo
Shybiker said…
Love the pants, top and bag. They create a great look.

I'm heading to Philly on Friday!
disco in moscow said…
gorgerous pants! xx

Ysh ♥ said…
I love how the flower bag complemented the simple/classy outfit. :)
Thanks for the comment!! I adore this outfit, the trousers and bag are gorgeous x

Nice post, great photos :D
Follow each other? I bookmarked!
mandeep said…
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Anonymous said…
That flowery, colorful bag is so wonderful! It and the simple outfit seem perfection for summer. Then again, you always look beautiful!
J. said…
Sometimes you just have to eat in peace!

You look great, I love the jeans!
Anonymous said…
i love the jeans!
you're so slim and pretty~i love!
i followed you already!
Meream said…
Oh man, I wish I can wear flare jeans like that. Unfortunately, I am short. Boo.
Laura Gerencser said…
Cute outfit! Thanks for the comment!:)
Beautiful as always!! :)

Chyrel Gomez said…
i want some wide-legged pants for myself but i've been wearing too much skin tight jeans lately.