What I Wore Today: Resort??

clothes: all from greenhills; wedges: cmg oro nero; accessorize bag; cole vintage cuff
It's raining cats and dogs outside so I thought I'd post something bright for all of you. I wore this a couple of days ago to do some errands nearby. I was originally supposed to wear this with white shorts but it was one of those days when I just wanted something to clash and not look "too perfect", do you get what I'm trying to say? Do you sometimes feel that way too? :)

I've been on somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster lately which is weird since my personal life is moving along smoothly. Maybe it's hormones or something but I'm just dying to get over it. There are mornings when I wake up feeling so excited and happy for the day only to find myself befuddled and lonesome in the afternoon for no concrete reason at all. Just my mind playing tricks. It does get really stressful sometimes. On my low days, there are moments when I think about everything I have to do for the day and break them down into baby steps over and over again in my head which tires me before I even get started. I have to muster up all of my strength just to get on with it. I must keep on repeating, "mind over matter" to myself to avoid crawling back into bed under my blankets. I hope I'm not depressing you. I just needed to share. It's just been really weird and I find myself stressing myself out because I want to "wow" myself. What the definition of "wow" is, I don't know, how to do it? I don't know. Quarter life crisis maybe? :P Too young for midlife, right?! :))

Anyway, hope you all stay safe tonight. Sweet dreams Manila...and World :)


Kate said…
i love it with the red shorts, those shoes are great too.
Thanks for the comment, stop by again (:
Mxx said…
Love the colour combination!!! Smile!!! You look great!
Anupriya DG said…
What a cute li'l pair of red shorts you have on! :)
And that bag's really brightening up the whole outfit... <3

P.S.: Is it PMS???
Unknown said…
hey!! love the brightness of these shorts!! and those shoes are to die for!
Shybiker said…
Those shorts is showstoppers! I wish I could look as good in them.

Our moods fluctuate, often without rhyme or reason. Hang in there, buddy.
krissy ♥ said…
I feel that way sometimes, too. Maybe it's that time of the month? Anyway it'll pass :)

And I think Ana already told you we saw you in Get Up's TVC? So cool!! ;D
Gela said…
i'm having a bit of quarter life crisis myself, but i'm pretty sure we'll both get ourselves back on track. chin up! :)

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