What I Wore Today: Robin Hood

white boyfriend polo, suede leggings and brogues from greenhills
bag sm
cuff cole vintage
Just a short outfit post today. I don't have much time, still a lot left on my to-do list plus I have several DIYs that I can't wait to get started on :)

I've never been much of a leggings person cause I feel like they make me look like part of the Men In Tights. That's just me. I think it's the shape of my legs or something. :P

But on this day, I was in a mad dash to roll out so I grabbed the first couple of things sticking ut of my closet. I have to admit, they are truly comfy, especially on "Fat Days", but I'm like 5 years late already. :P I am such a rebel! When skinnies were "in", I was wearing wide legs. Now wide legs are in, I find myself wearing skinnies more often which I truly despised as well (because of the shape of my legs and how tight they can get).

Just a bunch of random ramblings today. Pardon me :)

watch out for my next giveaway! i'll be announcing it in a few days :)


Superblondeep said…
I want yours shoes!!!! xoxo
paislea said…
you are so cute! i love your outfit!

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Shybiker said…
Great bracelet. And you look pretty in leggings.
I love your look, Ms. Sarah!! :) Gorgeous all the time!

Love your cuff!! Too cool for school :D
Lloyda said…
love the cuff!!!!!!!!