What I Wore Today: Twisted Peppermint

leather and lace...
sweet and spicy

The Sangria was huge and came with free Tapas. I wasn't having any of that. Sangria gives me a headache. I sipped my beer instead while having great conversation with some new and not so new friends at Rastro...and then came eleven pm. Time to go...

And meet more friends at Fat Mike's, where Niko was celebrating his birthday.

black lace dress c/o Funky Plum Vintage


belle said…
Love the leather and lace combo Sarah!
Shybiker said…
Mixing masculine and feminine items is always fun. It usually ends up, as here, emphasizing the wearer's femininity. You look terrific!
leather and lace are two of my favorites! love how you rocked the sneaks with it too!
disco in moscow said…
love this outfit! xoxo

Fabulous outfit!!!!! :-)
aiz kim said…
you look rockin' in leather....something i could never look good in!
i love ur outfit. perfect combination. more power. keep smiling:)
Wida said…
Looks like you had a great time!

Missing Amsie Blog
Nina Lacson said…
Are you really a mom already?!!!! haha! I love everything!!!! :)
Anonymous said…
yay! super like the leather lace combo!
Thanks for the comment! I absolutly adore this outfit, everything looks so great on you x

Love your outfit! Your shoes are awesome! :)

lillie said…
Wow, I love this outfit, thos shoes are really cool! Looks like you had a great time :) x
sophie-leigh said…
thanks for visiting my blog (:
i loove your dress and creepers! x
Sada said…
Adorable & sexy at the same time! Love this outfit and looks like a great night out!
Dressology HQ
Chyrel Gomez said…
you look so natural when you're all rock star chic. :)
Abi said…
you rocked yer outfit!
Rosanna said…
i love your dress here :)

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