Funky Monkey

A post fitting for a Sunday.
What do you guys do on Sundays? I try to reserve my Sundays for Fat Days. There is almost nothing better than lying on the couch all day, with your phone beside you and your favorite restaurant on speed dial. Every Sunday, I try to watch as many dvd's as I can and stuff myself with as much food as my body can handle.

I can only classify this as some sort of substance abuse :P Since I am already embracing the unhealthy, I might as well do it with the best so my effort isn't wasted. lol!

Enter hotel chocolates. Even with the growing gourmet chocolate stands and boutiques found in the malls today, I still think hotels, particularly Shangri-la and Peninsula still produce the best chocolates in Manila. I can never resist their millk chocolate truffles!

Since milk chocolates are their most popular chocolate confection, I decided to review something else. Something you may not have tried yet...The Funky Monkey!

Imagine, the same creamy, premium milk chocolate used for their legendary truffles but in a bar form with marshmallows and crispies. Perfect for kids and kids at heart!
Extremely difficult to put down. Those of you with low E.Q. and little to no self control must not attempt to try this. Funky Monkey is soul food. Perfection in a chocolate bar :P
Happy Sunday Folks! Here's to a day of BB (buhay baboy!/living like a pig :P)!!!

I am now on the phone with Shakey's about to order us a Party size Cheese and Garlic Pizza and a basket of Mojos! Yummy! :)

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Cherie said…
now im craving for chocolates... haha i do it too during sundays, the eating a lot and lazing aound :)
we just found your blog and we really LIKE :D
yummyy :D
xx the cookies
share the feeling
visit <33
Anonymous said…
i loveee chocolatee :)
Lalalove Funky Monkey! My dad used to buy that for my brother and I all the time! Thanks for reminding me! :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
Sunday is lechon day for us. It's like everyone's cheat day. :D

I haven't tried this chocs, will find this around town.
the love the different chocolates from The Bakeshop in Shang!!! I always get from there! haha!