Graphic Eyeliner

I just came across this while doing some "research"online. I think they're gorgeous, and worth a try. especially the one with double winged tips! <3 Hope you like! :)

HOW-TO Before applying liner, Lobell dusted translucent powder over Heard's lids, then pulled her eyelid up toward the temple to hold skin taut. Using a pointed felt-tip eyeliner pen, she drew a thick streak along the upper lash lines, flicked the line upward just past the outer corners, and dragged the pen inward across the crease. Next, she filled in the open square with pencil and topped the wing off with matte gel eyeliner. "The muted color tones down the intensity and makes it look fresh," says Lobell, who again used a pointed cotton swab to polish up the lines.

HOW-TO Using a stiff pointed brush, Lobell traced Heard's upper and lower lash lines with a jet-black liquid, extending the lines 1/4 inch past the outer corners of her eyes (leaving a space in between). "If you go out further, you'll have a Black Swan moment," she warns. "And make sure the lines are straight—not flared up—almost like an equal sign." To clean up imperfections, Lobell used a pointed cotton swab dipped in eye-makeup remover.

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Stylishlyme said…
These are very cool, I am not sure if I would be able to do them on myself even with following instructions it never seems to come out the same lol.

Thank you for sharing.

I love the double winged tips!

krissy ♥ said…
Super cool nun double-winged! I just recently learned how to apply gel liner on my eyes and I really love the effect. Must learn how to do this! :) Miss you, Sarah! :)
thestyleflux said…
I'm definitely addicted on putting eyeliner and this are really amazing style :)

Kaye (
Meri said…
I've never been able to pull off tricky eyeliner- I keep it really really simple!
these are great options, veering away from a normal eyeliner :)

sugar sugar said…
i love this fall makeup trend! :) i've been reading about it and have always wanted to try... =)
Anonymous said…
wow nice eye liner .. i like 2nd style od it ..
Aya said…
interesting! i like the second one too but idk if i could pull it off. my lids taper in a weird way :/
Rachael said…
These look really good - loving the second look, shame I don't have hands steady enough to manage to pull them off
Estelle said…
Oooo I hope I can get this right when I try it! Looks so pretty x x