Hi friends!

Sorry about the long hiatus. My internet went down during the storm and our service was only restored today.

I hope everyone's safe and doing fine. Just wanted to say hi and check up on all of you. I missed you guys and my blog so much!

I've been working really hard lately and I am beyond "Pagoda!" (tired) LOL! But I have quite a bit of delayed posts to share with you and a really, really awesome surprise for all of you too so stay tuned :)

I have a Mega event later that I'm resting up for. I need to take a nap cause I spent the entire day scouring the grounds of Divisoria and capped it off with a lengthy meeting. I feel like my body is about to collapse! :P

Hopefully, I'll start having regular posts again tomorrow. There, just wanted to chat a bit with everyone. Missed you guys! How've you been? :)


Chyrel Gomez said…
Natawa ako sa PAGODA ha. So becky! It's so sunny here and I think pa ulit-ulit na ako sa it's so sunny in my place/Cebu.

Hope to see your outfit posts, soon. :)