Mango Fall/Winter 2011

Attended the launch of Mango's Fall/Winter 2011 line at Resort's World. The event was hosted by Bianca Valero who was supporting the same jacket as Kate Moss was in her Mango F/W 2011 promotional video. I must say, it is glorious in person. But what I love most were the pants Bianca was wearing that night. From Mango to naturally. They reminded me of stingray leather. It had a beautiful distressed gray look to them.
Before I show you runway pics, here are a few pics of myself and my blogger friends (thanks Ava and Aie for the pics :))

with Keigh...and Ana
Pax, Aie and Melai:

my favorite model of the night: sadly, I forgot her name :(
The show was styled by 5 of Metro Manila's most sought after stylists.
The Mango F/W collection featured soft and delicate pieces in pastels, color blocking. as well as tough and androgynous looks in black, gray and white. There is definitely something for every Filipina's taste in Mango this season.

My personal favorites are the fur throws, trench coats, sheer tops, blazers, trousers and to die for boots which I spotted in the store a few days before the show. Sadly, they retail for around P5000 if I'm not mistaken....not in my budget right now :(

Here we are again as a growing group :P
The people behind the fabulous show:
Pax, Aie, Me, and Ana: love ana's lace madhatter and aie's cape was marvelous!
ava, krissy, me and vern
There, hope you like. Check out Mango today, they have some really fantastic pieces! :)

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Shasie said…
I really need to get on MANGO. I don't know if they sell clothes here in the US. I think there's an M for Mango line at JcPenny...
Shasie of Live Life in Style
Marcia B. said…
oH WOW I LOVE UR OUTFIT, SO PERFECT, ur so lucky to attend this event!
Alexa said…
You look fabulous! Looks like the event was a blast.. Thanks so much for sharing the pics!
A N A G O N said…
love ko talaga your sheer sheer cape :D Benta the photo na nakaupo tayo sa stage, what is pagoda lang and tamad tumayo hahaha!~
you are the queen of grunge, sarah! love your cape effect!
You guys all look gorgeous!

Leia said…
I adore Mango!

OMG... you are so lucky!! now I understand your comment!!! jaja
Unknown said…
You look so amazing! Love the collection!

xo Jackie
thestyleflux said…
Was there as well! you look Gorgeous on your Luxe grunge outfit :)

Kaye (
Wonder Woman said…
The model was Ria Bolivar :)

Loved your outfit. So subtly sexy!
Yes, Ria Bolivar :) I love her as well! she's just stunning on the runway

Yes, Ria Bolivar :) I love her as well! she's just stunning on the runway

Yes, Ria Bolivar :) I love her as well! she's just stunning on the runway