New Shoes!

Another quick post! Meet my new shoes :D

I ordered a couple of pairs from Asian Vogue but the thing about pre-order shoes is that I get so antsy after a couple of weeks. I can't shake away the "bitin" feeling! It's so hard, I feel like a heroin addict needing a quick fix!

So yesterday, I was in Megamall on assignment for work when on the way home, I HAD to pass by Forever21. Since me and Dennis just came from an Eat All You Can feast at Kebab Factory, I didn't feel like trying on any clothes (plus the lines are just crazy) so I made a beeline for the shoe section instead, and found these:
Which obviously ended up going home with me.

Today naman, we were in Shang for "family day" and Nikola needed to do some clothes/shoe shopping as well (they grow out of their clothes sooo fast!). After I finished getting everything she needed, mommy needed to reward herself with a quick trip to Crossings. Again, not expecting to fin anything like the previous day until this pair caught my attention:
Sorry about the bad picture, still wearing it and that was just a quick tweetpic that I grabbed :P I'm such a sucker for glitter!

How was your Sunday? Hope it was as amazing as mine :)

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Tori said…
Those are such cute shoes!:) I love the second pair<3
D said…
Pretty shoes!!! :) I'm quite addicted to shoes these past months. It's hard not to buy when I see something cute! Waaahh. Going crazy!!! hehe :)
Jana Lopez said…
Oh my god, that feeling after pre-ordering is just horrible! I get the same withdrawal-ish feelings once I get all my pre-ordering done cause I know I'm going to have to wait for weeks til they arrive!

I love the shoes you got! Specially the ones from F21! Really great color! :D
thestyleflux said…
Loving all the new shoes you have!

xx Kaye
Fashion Blogger
Chyrel Gomez said…
I love the first shoe so much. I don't really own anything that glitters. Hmm..
Lloyda said…
omg! love the shoes!!!!!!! :)
Khlaren said…
Omg pretty shoes! Love the first one the best :>
i want something like that! I wish i could wear a pair, i'm just gonna be too tall na if i wear pa a 5-inched platform! I plan to order though at Asian vogue, is it quite easy lang ba? not naman confusing?

@pinkmate: easy lang, they're very professional naman. kakainip lang the waiting period :P