A Virtual Walkthrough Of Avilon Zoo, Montalban Rizal

It was a really sunny day last Wednesday when we accompanied our daughter to a field trip at the Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Rizal. Contrary to our appalling and depressing Manila Zoo visit earlier this year, this zoo visit was a fun-filled and very educational experience for our daughter.
Upon entering you are greeted by a "Swan Lake" that is co-inhabited with ducks that are free to roam the grounds.

All parents and guardians were required to wear white. I, of course, couldn't help but accessorize :P Decided to pair my white shirt with a blue and white scarf to add interest. Footwear was a no-brainer. For a 7 hectare trek, my TOMS were the best choice for the occasion. The LV Neverfull GM (note the size) is also another trip-friendly bag as you can fit virtually anything in it. Fellow moms out there would know that every five minutes or so, your kid will hand you something to put in your bag. If you don't want to be lugging around numerous things while walking, get a Neverfull GM or a large Longchamp :P
Swan Lake: beautiful black swans...

You can feed the Arapaimas and Bears for only P20! Feeding the Big Cats will cost you P300. Well worth it! :)
Your kids can also feed the rabbits and goats :P

There is also a free bird show.

Avilon Zoo is a 7 hectare zoo and it will only cost you P200 entrance per head. They have a decent canteen that serves lunch and snacks, about P150 for a rice meal and P60 for a hotdog sandwhich. However, if you prefer to bring your own food, they also allow it.

If you haven't taken your kids here yet, I think it will definitely be worth your time to schedule a visit. I am happy to report that all the animals in this zoo look happy, healthy and well taken cared of. Please just remind your kids to try avoid taunting them as this is very stressful for the animals. :)

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Chyrel Gomez said…
sana we have something like this din. haha!
Melai said…
Wow I miss going to the zoos. :) Makadalaw nga :)

Melai of Style and Soul
It looks so much fun! Too bad I wasn´t able to visit this zoo when I lived in Manila a million years ago, hahaha!
wow such a nice and fun trip!!
Hazel said…
i haven't been to any zoo since gradeschool hahaha! i miss it ;) and your daughter is sooo cute!
your daughter is soo adorable!