What I Wore Today: Fat Night Out

shirt with sheer panels (twin sister of my MNG fashion show sheer cape) from Nava
harem pants that I pushed up my legs (it was bloody hot last Saturday!)
accessories from mphosis, cole vintage, mango, greenhills, nava etc :P
jc lita's

Don't get mad, I know I'm not fat, nor anorexic :P But like any other normal person, I do have days when I feel extremely bloated for no apparent reason. Like yes, I'm skinny but with a hellufa big tummy on this day so if I wore something tight, I would end resembling a butete. lol :)

Also, last Saturday night, we were scheduled to attend the Alamat Crewsers (a cruiser riding group) anniversary in a bar somewhere in Quezon City. Whenever Dennis and I take a trek down to QC, I'm always required (by him), to stick to a certain dress code. Meaning, no skirts, shorts or skimpy tops allowed. For a night out? Hmmm. So anyway, rather than argue, I just try my best to make the most out of it :)

ps. Sorry if I haven't been able to visit/comment back on your blogs. Very busy with work lately. Yes, your momma jsut recently got employed again :P Promise to try my best to catch up starting today and whenever I have free time on my hands.

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Rizza Lana said…
i looove the pants! ;)
Melsusu said…
Hahaha, I find that dress code Dennis has for you to be hilarious! Regardless, I love the look, especially your pants. It's such a casual, thrown together but chic look! I love these!
Love your top! And yes, we all have our days where our body is just not "cooperating" with our clothes. Lol!

Jana Lopez said…
I love your pants!! I've never tried harem pants though...yeah I know I really should maybe they'd hide my mammoth legs :D. You made me think of what I'd wear if I had some sort of a dress code like that for a night out hahaha, you never know, I have to be prepared! :D

Dress code or not you look hot! :D (I keep rhyming today..ugh)
Sovina said…
love your bottoms and those shoes are GRAND!

thestyleflux said…
Love your top and pants!

xx Kaye
ghoent said…
haha cool naman that husband has a dress code for you! for his eyes only kasi, hihi! :D love the loose top! =)
i think this is a great outfit! love the pants! You're right, it was pretty hot last weekend!


RA said…
wow, an amazing pants :)))
Danielle said…
Fantastic outfit, I really love those leggings! :)

Also oh my goodness - The Cars, My Best Friends Girl playing at me while I visit your blog - awesome! I'm a massive Cars fan.

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I'm really grateful that you stopped by.

I think you've got a crackin' blog here and I'm totally following you now.


Oh to Be a Muse said…
i think you look amazing, and this is totally something i would wear. amazing shoes too!
Louise said…
Oh I like the combo! The shirt is pretty! Also, I rather like the music on your blog. Never heard it before!! :)
Anonymous said…
ADORE your accessorizing and the Litas!!!!
pretty affairs said…
great look!! love the laidbackness! :-)
char said…
Great look!! Love your pants and clutch =)
Femme Virtue said…
lovely top! love ur accessories!
Style Journey said…
you are seriously rocking this outfit! The pants and shoes are fabulous! No need for a skirt because this is a perfect going out outfit.
Great look! Love all your accessories!
love the outfit, sarah!! i can see your not using a phone camera anymore! a lot clearer! love it!
Chyrel Gomez said…
Gosh. I will never forgive myself if the year ends without me owning the Lita's. I think you always know how to dress up whatever event and don't fret. To me, you are beautiful. :)