What I Wore Today: My Best Friend's Bag

My best friend has the same bag but in a different shape which she got in the Rustan's fire sale a few years back. How long has it been?
Since, I'm now working :P and still getting used to the idea of it...I think my daily outfit posts are slowly going to change and I will be featuring bigger bags. Bags that I can stuff everything into! I lug around so much when I attend our meetings.

Anyway, wore this ensemble to pick this up as well yesterday:
My giant Blogapalloza loot bag! It has soooo much goodies inside. I'll share the contents with you tomorrow. I already took photos but still editing.

crochet top from glamour studio
belt from Memo
DIY maxi skirt
shoes cmg
bag gucci
accessories from forever21 and cole vintage

Have A Nice Day!

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Mary and Dyer said…
I have almost the same bag but with the dark leather. One of my all time fav bags!! Also am loving your skirt!! xox
Hope that you have had the chance to check out our Tiffany & Co. necklace giveaway.
lawyerdoll said…
I love the big bag, and I've also been enjoying the occasional loan from a friend. It's a fun way to expand your blogging without breaking the bank. Mine is probably about the same size... not Gucci, but still good-quality.
Mary Ann said…
loving the color of your skirt,=) u certainly pull off this look so easily,=) I wish I could,lols.
and really BIG loot bag ha,=)
Jana Lopez said…
Isn't it funny when you get almost the same stuff? I have a few friends that have the same shoes as mine but in the same color, recently I had a haircut and realized it's almost similar to two of my closest colleagues in the office! We call it, friendship-(insert name of thing here)

Your outfit looks so comfy! Working really changes a lot in your wardrobe. I have a big backpack I have to drag around for work, cause of our massive laptop that we have to bring everyday. I'm thinking of turning that huge backpack to a smaller one so I can bring bags as well. This outfit is definitely for my outfit inspiration files! :D
Eli said…
the top and skirt look so fabulous together, great look!
love that maxi skirt! Yes hopefully we will see each other in BB soon! I'm usually there either Fridays or Saturday :)


nedsi said…
Amazing Posts...nedsi10.org
oomph. said…
love the boho vibe of this loose and relaxed outfit. great colored skirt...and LOVE the bag! i have a similar one that i used to carry aroundm but not quite as big :)

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I want your skirt! I´d also opt for a bigger bag too if I start working. ;)
wow, your bag is just breath-taking! I fell in love with it!

By the way, I really like your style, it's so nice for eyes and Iam really happy that I found your blog!and I just wonder.. if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader

with love,
thestyleflux said…
Loved your outfit so much! really nice green skirt :)

xx Kaye
Gellie Abogado said…
I so love your outfit lagi. Why didn't I see you at the Blogapalooza? ):
FashionJazz said…
Loving ur bag and outfit so much! Thank u for ur comment x: ) x
I love your maxi skirt, you look amazing.
Marie said…
I love how you belted the sweater with the long skirt!

By the way - a fire at Rustans? Are you pinay living in Makati?

Dirty Pink Cardigan

Unknown said…
love this kind of green of the skirt!! and also love so much your bag!

do you wanna check out my blog?^^


xoxo dear! :)
Unknown said…
love this kind of green of the skirt!! and also love so much your bag!

do you wanna check out my blog?^^


xoxo dear! :)
Anastasija said…
I just love your skirt! So lovely!
Bad Joan said…
Love that grey top!

Phuong said…
You look gorgeous in the green maxi dress
Travel in Style
james said…
cool music, cool clothes, cool blog, cool girl! totally following! thanks for the comment on my blog =) hope you can visit me again or follow me back =) have a great week!

@gellie: i wasn't able to go, been skipping a lot of event cause i've been so busy with work lately :)
@marie: yes, i'm pinay and i live in greenhills, have you been to the philippines before? :)
Sovina said…
love your green skirt..and the bag of course!

Chyrel Gomez said…
I'm backtracking on your posts. I love the maxi skirt and I'm seeing lots of bloggers wearing your stuff. :)

I just knew you're working, full time na?