What I Wore Today: Random Work Outfit

Just got home from a fabulous dinner out with blogger friends at Greenbelt 5. It was epic. You guys have to watch out for OUR posts about it :)

Anyway, it's late and I still have to spend some alone time with Dennis so this'll just be a very quick and random work outfit post. I wore this to a meeting yesterday at Glorietta 5.

Tomorrow, I'll be dropping off our daughter a bit earlier for school because she was one of the 6 students from their batch chosen to be a cheerleader! All together now...."Awww!"

So Good Night lovely people of Manila and to everyone else out there reading this. I hope you all have a pleasant night <3

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Despina said…
these shoes are so lovely!
nice post :)
belle said…
napa-aaaaaw ako. hahaha..ang cute naman. anyways, love the shoes and bag. you look great!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
the black blazer and those heels are fantastic!
Audrey Leighton said…
love the snakeskin belt


Danielle said…
Lovely outfit! :)


kath said…
awww moment talaga pag may achivements ang mga kids :) -coming from a proud momma, too :)
love your shoes!
Jana Lopez said…
I. Want. Your. Belt.

Really really cute outfit for a meeting, love the color of your heels, the perfect shade. Hirap to find that kind of shade minsan kasi they look like fecal matter (hahahaha).

Yay Cheerleader!!! Super cute naman :D I bet you're beaming and super proud! :)
thestyleflux said…
Can't wait to hear about your dinner last night. Like the shoes btw :)

xx Kaye
Unknown said…
I really love the lining of that K. Torralba blazer! :))Lookin chic as ever! :)
Yna Amores said…
This is a chic outfit Sarah! Your shoes are pretty :)

Sovina said…
You are having total fun with this bag..love your watch..Following you now!: )


Melai said…
Haven't seen you in a while! I miss youuu :) Wow, ang cute! You were with your daughter. And ow wait, bakit di ka namin nakita sa blogapalooza?? :( Aaaay. Haha. Looking great!

Melai of Style and Soul