What I Wore Today: The Repeater

My new favorite clutch from Mphosis, got it at 50% off. Only P500! :) It comes with this board type thing to make it look structured but you can take it out, which I did cause I prefer it floppy.

And yes I am a shameless outfit repeater, in consecutive posts! I was just so lazy yesterday, I couldn't be bothered. My jacket was still hanging outside my closet from the night before so I just put it on with my white Topshop cotton tee which has made numerous appearances on this blog. I was already wearing the shorts at home so no need to change that :P

Anyway, we just had a quick dinner at Barrio Fiesta cause Nikola wanted Sinigang. Guys, you gotta try their Binagoongan. It is sooo good! It has roasted eggplant. My favorite :P

Also, I'd like to say Thank You for all your camera suggestions. I looked them all up. Can I just say...Ang Mahal! (so expensive!) :P They're not cameras I can just buy on a whim but they are definitely all nice. I think I'm gonna start saving up for that Lumix. :)

Good news though, I took my outfit shot today with our good old Nikon DSLR again. So expect better photos tomorrow, same background though! :P

PS. Please check my fanpage. Posted some Job Opportunities there. Looking for interns too :)

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Gellie Abogado said…
never mind if you repeated an outfit. you still look gorgeous, sarah :)
Anonymous said…
That is a great clutch and jacket!
Le Chat Noir said…
Love the blazer and clutch!
Thanks for your comment on my blog ;)

abusyxwhyz said…
lemme just say that aside from your clothes, i always open you page for the music. :)

btw, will be posting some pics wearing the top from you! first online win ever. :)
repeating isn't bad! It's sensible :) Lovely outfit. That blazer is a stunner!
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights
Khlaren said…
pretty blazer! <3
great mix. love the shoes.
I suggest you buy the camera in Quiapo. There are many cameras out there that you can buy in a very affordable price. :)
Jana Lopez said…
Pssshh, I repeat clothing tons of times! Besides I love that blazer, so I like seeing a lot of it :D

Save your pennies for that Lumix! It's totally worth it :D
Sovina said…
Jacket is worth repeating..it is gorgeous :)

I like your new clutch, I think the zipper detail is so pretty. Mahal talaga ang Lumix, I was going to buy din sana pero na-shock ako sa price. I'd rather buy a luxury bag! Lol.

carla said…
don't worry if you repeated an outfit, at least you look good. if i can't be bothered I just wear trackies.
ChiccaStyle said…
Love,love,love your shoes!!!
Jasmine said…
arhh who cares about if its repeated or not , u still rock your style ! look at the shoes

i bought a clutch too the other day after seeing some other bloggers using it but not to my liking i find it hard to carry lol esp when i am carrying my camera

anyway girl , Lumix is pricey but i heard its a good one. I have saved up for almost 2 years to get my Olympus :)

with love,

Your clutch is fantastic - I love! :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
I heard LUMIX is good but I want this SE cybershot para easy lang to carry along for any destination. DSLR's are good if the boyfie is around to carry them for me.