What I Wore Today: Storm Dressing

super oversized top from summersault
jeans from topshop
bag c/o Paisley
rain boots from Plueys (I got mine ages ago but I just saw on Ava.ph that they're on sale for only P700 something :)

Love my new bag! :)

Just a fun little outfit post today. I thought I'd share what I wore with you guys during the storm. It was quite difficult dressing in the dark but we had to head out to Chili's for dinner and have our mobile's charged, so I had to do it and take some fun photos of course!

When I asked Dennis to take my photos, the first thing he said was, "You Serious?" lol, it was sort of ridiculous since we couldn't see a thing, we just relied on the flash. These photos were a surprise until the electricity came back on and I was finally able to check how they came out!

We were in such a rush that I wasn't even able to properly adjust the strap of my new bag from Paisley! It was the first time I wore it out. Love it so much!

Guys, I need a big favor :) If you have time, kindly support my entry at MyShoephoria. I need you to "LOVE" it so I can improve my chances of winning a pair of YSL's. Super thanks!

Watch out for my new Paisley giveaway! :)


sugar sugar said…
love your boots and your new bag looks great! i think i want one too! xD
go go go, its really nice and so worth it :)
danielle said…
smart move with the boots. they're adorable.
thestyleflux said…
Definitely a good wear for the storm!
wet free!

xx Kaye
Rizza Lana said…
you're so cute!

Kahit black out, go parin. Talagang whatever-happens-outfit-post padin! ;)

we love supportive and patient beau's :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
kahit bagyo, fasyon pa rin!

i'm going to manila with my boyfriend next week. well, it's our jump off point. sana wala ng bagyo. :(
Myrted said…
Super love your boots! Would like to have one of those, they really come in handy for this tremendous rainy season. :)

Ysh ♥ said…
Your storm outfit is so cute! And I love how you wear it with a big smile!
ghoent said…
Hangkyut ng outfittt! Very comfy, fasyon, at weather appropriate! pretty! =)
Such a cute bag! Love it! =)
D said…
I also have my own Plueys pero the polka dot one. hehe. Perfect this season noh? :)
Claire said…
Wah, I've always wanted rainboots like yours! So pretty! But I hate our bipolar weather. One moment it's raining (and freezing) the next it's scorching hot and humid. T_T
still looking cute!:) love the booties and bag!
still looking cute!:) love the booties and bag!
Jes Roque said…
Love the rain boots! :)

Aya said…
Those are really cute boots :D
win ang props! miss yyaaa!!
Unknown said…
Haha you are such a dedicated blogger - taking outfit photos even when the electricity is out :P Love your rainboots - the print is so cute!
I just adore and love your boots! I'm your new follower! :))