What I Wore Today: Tux

Do you like my tux? Would you buy a brand new one for P900? :)

Wore this to go out last Friday night :)
I think I should convince my "photographer" to start using the slr to take my photos again. These iphone4 night shots are just too grainy for my liking.

Maybe I need a new pocket camera. I saw this adorable Samsung camera that's so tiny! But a few photographer friends adviced me to stick with Lumix and Canon when it comes to digital cameras. Any suggestions? I don't want anything expensive. I got my shoe budget to consider :)

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Wonder Woman said…
I love your tux! But I love your shirt even more. Almost as much as the music that plays when I visit your website. :)

Megann Monday said…
I love your tux! Love the color! :) And about the camera, personally, I prefer Canon/Lumix because of their quality. I'm not familiar with Samsung products, esp their cameras, so I can't say anything about that. But as a Canon user and a blogger, I choose quality over my comfort. LOL I want a Lumix though because it's more handy.
Sam said…
Love the jacket! Love the whole outfit in general! :) I think you should definitely invest in a good digital camera since you're a blogger and all :) I've had both my dSLR and Canon G10 (basically my smaller camera) since I was in high school (I'm out of college now so about 4-5 years), and it's definitely worth your money!

i've always loved canon, if you want point & shoot stick with canon or lumix, cheaper is canon g11 (although g12 is out and g13 will come out soon as well); for lumix lx3 great as well. If you want slr, in my case i use canon eos 1100 (i got it in red!) entry level camera but with great features (kinda like the canon 600d). the price of that one is only 28k.you can also buy from jep's cheaper, i think it's only 25k.. the price is not not bad for a good slr :)
Jana Lopez said…
I don't like it, I absolutely LOVE IT! I suggest, if you want a pocket camera stick with lumix...it's awesome with colors and lighting. My friend just got her lumix lx5 and her photos are gorgeous!

I haven't bought a new camera because of my shoe budget haha :) I usually use my phone camera to take the photos, it's a sony ericsson x10 mini pro, the camera is 5 megapixel. So far it has served me well :)
mestizay said…
Love the chic tux babe!:)
Melsusu said…
I want your jacket, I want your jacket, I want your jacket. :)
Le Chat Noir said…
Really love your outfit! Nice blazer!
Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Ysh ♥ said…
If I'd buy a new camera, it'd be Canon. So many good reviews about Canon.

And that blazer is a greatgreat steal! Where did you get it?
Laura Tenshi said…
What a gorgeous coral blazer. I love its shape and buttons.
I would buy a Canon EOS 50D if I had the money.
carla said…
I love the colour. Don't worry my photos aren't professional either. Awesome blog name.
Clara Turbay said…
I love your tee and your shoes.

This outfit is absolutely fantastic on you! I LOVE that tux. And your shoes...I die! :)
thestyleflux said…
Love your tux! where'd you bought it? :)

Kaye (http://thestyleflux.blogspot.com)
I love the tux and rib cage effect! and yes, back to SLR please!:) your outfit posts are already love..what more if slr right??;)
Hazel said…
i love your tux!! the color is nice too! oohh and yeah, choose from canon and lumix only.. i tried both and i like canon better ;)
Shybiker said…
Very cute outfit. Even the shoes are nice.

I have a Canon Powershoot for convenience and a Nikon dSLR for real photography. Both are excellent cameras and good values.
Unknown said…
I love the red tux jacket and those shoes! I'm normally not a big fan of chunky shoes but those are really cute :)
beryl said…
wow you have such great style. i really love your blog. im your newest follower :)

ChiccaStyle said…
Love the entire outfit, especially the shoes!!!
Anupriya DG said…
That's such a smart jacket! <3

And I think your friends are right......you should stick to Lumix, Canon or Nikon as far as digital cameras are concerned... :)
Unknown said…
Your outfit is absolutely gorgeous, you look amazing & shoes...awesome!! ;)


Nhi said…
thanks for the comment:) you have a great style! following you now.
btw. love the music on your blog:)

the tux looks great and i love the shirt you used inside! :)
Katherine said…
I LOVE the boots - they are super cool- and the tux jacket is lovely!
kath said…
love, love your tux! :)
I miss reading your posts! Just like the usual, I'm in love with your shoes!!!! :)))

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