What Is Important?

I know this is a fashion blog and I noticed that a lot don' t read my posts fully whenever I publish a lengthy editorial such as this. I don' t blame you because as a fellow fashion blog reader, I don't expect such editorials to appear in a fashion blog. However, I feel quite strongly about this topic and I hope that someone will read this and agree to the point that I have yet to disclose.

To cut the story short, the point that I would like to get across is how the digital media affects an artist's work and credibility. At this day and age where auto tunes and graphic designs are the norm, how do we differentiate the true artist from those who are just doing it for pure profit?

This is not to discourage those with aspiring dreams, in contrast, it is to encourage them to perfect their craft and try harder instead of settling for what is "acceptable" and just fine tuning it through digital media.

Art is raw emotion and editing it through digital media just dilutes the passion that the artist is trying to convey in the creation of his media, be it through music, literature or paintings (etc).

I quite miss the era of analog recording and those times where adobe photoshop and the like were not yet present. Technology has turned us into daft human beings. It takes away our soul and the real essence of what it is to be human.

With analog recording, it was easier to sift those with real talent and those who needed more experience/education when it comes to creating music. Auto-tuning takes away the raw emotion and the actual feeling of the songwriter as he was writing the song during the experience that inspired it in the first place. Some of the greatest songs were created in 30 minutes to an hour max. Sure it took weeks to fine tune it but the essence was never taken away. It was just cleaned up and enhanced but still with the raw imperfections that make us all human. Did you know that Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight was written in around 30 minutes while he was waiting for his girlfriend to finish getting ready for a party that they were supposed to attend? Emotions dissipate after a few minutes and I find it very important to write and/or create/gasp the entire idea while you're trapped in the whirlwind of this beautiful occurrence that is solely gifted to humans. Once you take longer, the initial emotions felt are diluted. As a third person listening, looking, reading or listening to what we create, it is our responsibilty to produce an over emphasized version of what we actually felt for them to feel it within them; for it to affect them and for it to make a mark on their being. Music, arts, literature is best when imperfect for that is the true nature of being human. Find perfection in the imperfect for that is what we truly are, that is where we learn from.

Nowadays, music and theatre is most often relied on the beauty of the actor/musician (etc) rather than the talent (of the actors/musicians). I pity the kids. Honestly, when you think about it 20 years down the road, will you remember the face that sang the song or the experience that you connected with it through its powerful vocals and rythms? Art is raw emotion. It shouldn't be polished and perfected because more often than not, art is inspired by the imperfections of daily life.

Digital fine tuning is an insult to our intelligence as a whole.


Bad Joan said…
You bring up some great points and you hit on "the" conversation affecting entertainment and art right now. The compromise of embracing technology and preserving artistic integrity.

I love you for this post.

I couldn't agree more. On so many levels. First, you're absolutely right: auto-tune is ruining the music industry. There is no such thing as rawness in music anymore. Plus, I think listening to music through digital devices (ipod) loses something...I can't really put my finger on what it is, but it sounds too PERFECT. Like HD music or something. And that makes it fake to me. The music industry has quickly become all about image and not quality. It's shameful. I can only hope there is a revolution against this norm soon.

As for art, you are absolutely right. It is tricky to decipher the real artists from people who quickly use photoshop to pretend to be one. I can't tell you how many art fairs I have been to this summer, where I ask the photographer their method and they proudly say "Oh all I did was photoshopt this and that!" Ummm...and now you want $2,000 for it?! Right.

Let's find a time machine together and go back. :)
Valerie said…
Thanks for putting this up. I completely agree with you on all your points. :)

Music wise, I've had trouble loving or even listening to current music without silently hating how generic and "perfect" it has become. Like you said, there's no emotion anymore. Music of the yesteryears overflowed with it; a simple line beautifully expressed by the singers voice meant so much more than a barrage of funky bits and bobs meant to trick people into thinking that the music is awesome because they could head-bob to it for 30 seconds. They never seem to realize that they also forget about it within a short time span as well. Lyrics, instrument skills, range, meaning - those hardly seem to matter in music these days. It's also the same for art and literature.

And again you're right, music, arts & literature are meant to be imperfect. Just as we are imperfect. Even if we belonged to a generation who cried out 'here we are now, entertain us,' that doesn't mean we want to be entertained with crap disguised as music or art. Much of what we have now is just entertainment for the braindead.

xx much love from a 90s geek xx

Yna Amores said…
This is true Sarah! I know a lot of musicians who are now using digital fine tuning. And basta sikat kahit walang boses nagkakaalbum.

Very well said!
krissy ♥ said…
Very well said, Sarah. I mean, I love Britney Spears but I acknowledge that she is not a great singer.

And yes, I'll see you later :)
Oh my Dior! said…
we love your blog!

It's true, auto-tune voices is what we have been hearing everywhere. Personally, I think it's just to give way to those beautiful people who can't carry a tune but still want to make music. What's sad is they sell more records than those with beautiful voices simply because they don't adhere to the perfect standard of beauty. Oh, reality.

Melai said…
It's a reality that comes with development. Technological advances have paved the way for artists, photographers, musicians, and a whole lot more to cheat their way through technological enhancements. The digital age truly has painful consequences but I guess real intelligence and talent never fails to surface. Some may mask their abilities behind technologies but what is "real" will always finds its way to reveal itself :)

Melai of Style and Soul
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Jana Lopez said…
I love this entry, and I'm glad I followed your blog just in time to read it. I'm a graphic artist myself and I totally agree with what you're saying. As a young college student I bombarded my photographs with text and effects, but later learned that, this wasn't the way I wanted to show my photographs. I didn't want to add swirls, beams or too much text on it. I wanted it to be real. I wanted to take that shot look at the screen and see that I got it in one shot.

Digital fine tuning, I'm sorry to say, has made it more accessible for people who have really no art or expression running through their veins to present something that is now considered as Art. Change this and that on Photoshop and you're done! If the clouds don't work then change them, add lens flare, add pink shades add whatever the hell you want and no one will know the difference.

With music, I've heard so many who say they fix certain peoples voices just so that they can sound really good. Heck, a chicken can sound good after editing right?

I also don't appreciate people who say "yeah we can fix that in editing"...what about doing it right on the spot, achieving that perfect lighting or that perfect sound right then and there, without digitally fixing anything? How about that? Maybe this is the reason why I went into lomography, I was bored, I was bored with adding the light leaks to my photo. I wanted it to be real, and I wanted every photo to be surprisingly beautiful because I took it that way.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I really love this entry.
Anonymous said…
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Jasmine said…
for this post , i make sure i read every single words u wrote

thats the respect we give from one writer to another writer

i understand how it feels like when u have wrote something meaningful and someone just left an irrelevant comment on it without actually reading the whole post.

Music is an important piece of art in my life , i could not imagine a day without it , this is a really good article you wrote, your opinion and your strong point

Me personally i don't listen to mainstream stuff anymore , the radio is playing and Over playing crap songs , artists who sells their sexuality and body in MTV is just too much for me.

Music touches one heart only when it comes from the heart. I hate to say this but major label company are just making too much money , even artists don't make music out of passion anymore. Its all about the money and fame.

In my personal view , look at suck shitty artists like Keisha . I mean i don't hate her but musician like her is one of the main reason i don't like mainstream music anymore

Everyone just like something because its in trend. Well good music sometimes can be discover tru bands that no one even heard of


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