Blogger for iPhone app

I just updated to ios 5 on my iPhone so I had to re-download my apps cause I didn't have them backed up, figures :p anyway, found this app in the process. It's the official blogspot app for iPhone, I'm testing it for the first time :)


sugar sugar said…
i'm also using this application on my iphone! :) iMessage rocks sarah! hahaha! :D
Unknown said…
So jealous of this iphone app. I wish they brought out a blogger app for the blackberry. Although then I'd be addicted.

thestyleflux said…
How is it? i it working well?

Fashion Blogger
@kaye: yup, happy with it, better than all the rest ive tried :)
@sugar sugar: sige, ill dowbload imessage :)
i like it! i don't usually edit everything but at least when am in transit i can pen my ideas here. nice right?