Could My Paisley Giveaway Get Any Better? Yes It Can!

.....But only with your help! Since it's a Halloween giveaway, it wouldn't be complete without the "Trick and the Treats!" So....aside from the bag, we will be giving away a pair of color-block sandals too!!!!

You can choose any color and size you want!
For product info and sizing, visit the Chicify website. Just click on my link at the right rail :)

And of course, Trick or Treat wouldn't be complete without a Goody Bag!
We're also throwing in a bag full of chocolates for the winner!

...Here's the "Trick" part...
These prizes will only be thrown in if Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles and Paisley Clothing's Facebook Page reach 1000 subscribers by All Hallow's Eve! (que Dracula's laugh: Mwahahahaha! :P)

We're both not too far off from a thousand, so start referring for bigger and better prizes!!!
Good Luck Everyone!!!!

*Click giveaway icon on right rail for complete contest details!


Cat said…
I super love the first Paisley sandals! The yellow ones. :) These are great prizes! :) | Cat
Lalaine Mateo said…
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Cor said…
i love the first pair. would be great to have one
Hzl said…
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